The Cult Collection: Rosebud Salve

In today’s edition of The Cult Collection I talk about my number one beauty must have of all time! Smith’s Rosebud Salve!  I have been using this product for about six years now and I always make sure that I have a jar on me (you never know when you are going to get chapped lips).

Rosebud Salve, manufactured by the Rosebud Perfume Company in Woodsboro, Maryland, has been around since 1892 and is their flagship product.  It is available is almost every country in the world.  They also produce a variety of other balms, but the original still remains their number one seller.

So why is it so good?  Well, the product, made from what feels like a petroleum jelly base, not only heals dry lips, but it can also soothe diaper rash, dry skin, calm minor burns, and so on.  I myself have used it to get rid of pimples, heal dry skin, get rid of itchiness, as a hairline protectant when I dye my hair (when I didn’t have Vaseline on hand), and of course, for chapped lips.  It’s just so smooth and creamy (and non-sticky) and it stays on fairly long.  As for the smell, it has a rose scent to it, hence the name.

So is it cult-worthy?  I can rest assure you, it is!  At $8.50 Canadian ($6 US) it’s not only affordable but it actually does what it says.  I have recommended it to so many people who have gone on to try it and absolutely love it.  This is one product I swear by and constantly repurchase.  It also lasts you a long time because you don’t need a much of the product to get the job done.  It’s also fairly easy to get your hands on, you can purchase it at a variety of places, Sephora and American Apparel being some of the most popular locations.  One hint of advice though, do not leave it in super hot areas (like the inside of a car, like my friend did) because the texture of the product can “explode on you” or reform in the jar.

Have you tried Rosebud Salve?  Did you like it?