Spring Nails

From left to right: Essie's Nice is Nice, Essie's Sand Tropez, and Spa Ritual's Knowledge is Power

So I went a little nail polish crazy this past weekend.  I took a day trip down to the United States and picked up a few Essie polishes (my first ones ever) and today I got the hottest pink ever (it was love at first sight).

I have been really into nail polishes for the past two months ever since I got an OPI stand to display them all.  Ever since I got it all I want to do is fill it up!  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a crazy amount of nail polish, maybe like 20 colours? But I’m pretty much obsessed.  I’m not a manicure kind of girl, I would so rather do my own nails then pay to get them done.  The last time I went for a mani/pedi the selection of colours was just awful, so ever since then I tend to just do my nails myself because I like my colours better than what they have in the salon.

Anyways back to the present, I love the colours I got, they are just so perfect for spring!

Spa Ritual “Knowledge is Power”

I’ve never been a pink and red nail polish kind of girl, unless of course it is a unique colour.  When I saw Spa Ritual’s Knowledge is Power from their Truth collection I literally had to have it.  It’s just the most gorgeous pink, fuchsia colour.  I have not tried it on yet because I painted my nails yesterday but this is going to be the next colour on my nails.  I only have another colour by Spa Rituals (Solaris – a bright orange) but I do remember it going on fairly well.  I can’t remember how long that one lasted on my nails before it started to chip.

I’m usually an OPI kind of girl, but this colour is seriously to die for.  The only thing that sucks about Spa Ritual is the price of them and the availability.  I believe they retail for $12 in Canada and are available exclusively at salons.  If you see this colour though and love pinks, I would grab it. It’s actually so gorgeous.

Essie “Nice is Nice”

I have never tried Essie nail polishes before but have read a lot of great things about their French Affair spring collection.  I really wanted MAC’s Little Girl Type nail polish from the Quite Cute collection but when I tried it out in store it didn’t apply that great.  And I mean for the price of the thing I would want it to be perfect.  Well it wasn’t, so that’s why I got this pretty colour.  It’s a soft lilac colour and I find it quite similar to OPI’s Rumples Wiggin’s from the 2010 Shrek Collection (I don’t have that shade but I did compare them side by side).  I have not tried this one out yet so I can’t tell you how it looks applied, but it’s so pretty I can’t wait to rock it in the spring.

Essie “Sand Tropez”

Okay so if you read my March 2011 favourites post you would have read that I have been loving neutral colour polishes.  They are just so versatile, you can wear them in the office, at night, to an event – literally everywhere.  They are just so basic that they go with everything.  When I first saw Essie’s Sand Tropez I knew I had to have it.  It goes on so pigmented and soft with really good colour payoff.  I was a bit skeptical at first because the colour is so light, but it goes on really good. It’s just so pretty it matches the colour of my skin and it does look exactly like sand.  It reminds me of a tropical beach.

I got both Sand Tropez and Nice is Nice at Target but I believe that Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada just started selling them.  Not sure what they run for in Canada but in the U.S. I paid around $7.50 per polish. Like I said earlier, I am an OPI kind of girl, but I love trying new brands as well, especially if they have awesome colours.

What are your favourite colours for spring?  Have you tried any of the polishes I listed?