Vivid: OPI Brights collection for summer 2015

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Shield your eyes, it’s getting bright in here!

You can tell it’s starting to be summer by the nail polish collections popping up in stores (and you know, the hot weather..). So when I heard that OPI was releasing a summer collection called Brights, I knew it was gonna be a bold one.

Consisting of nine colours, six new ones and three favourites, this collection delivers a mix of opaque and shimmery shades ranging from pinks to blues to even a lime green. There’s a little something for everyone.  Like shimmers?  There’s three to choose from. More into cremes? Choose from any of the five.  And like a little splatter?  Yup, there’s that too.

Can't hear myself pink

Can’t Hear Myself Pink!

This shimmering coral pink goes on a bit sheer, so layer two to three coats to build this baby up. There is some micro shimmer in there to spice it up, not that it needs much jazz since the colour is so pretty to begin with.

On Pinks and Needles

On Pinks and Needles

OPI describes this guy as a hot pink glitter, but it’s one of those splatter polishes that look like snowflakes on your nails.  Sally Hansen actually came out with a line of these that they called a lace effect.  I layered this over I STOP for Red so it gave a nice subtle effect. The good thing about this particular polish is that you don’t have to fish for the “glitter” pieces, they actually came out in abundance in just one stroke.

I sea you wear opi

I Sea You Wear OPI

This iridescent metallic blue is similar in texture to Can’t Hear Myself Pink! in that it’s that same metallic shimmer that needs two to three coats.  Although I’m more of a fan of true glitters or cremes, this one is quite nice. It reminds me of a mermaid’s tail.

I Stop for Red

I STOP For Red

Scorching hot red, this guy is highly dupable.  I will say that it goes on quite nice with one coat and you definitely don’t need a high-gloss topcoat.  In fact, I didn’t even topcoat this sucker in the photo.

The Berry Thoguth Of You

The Berry Thought of You

One of my faves from the collection, this orchid purple creme also goes on quite opaque and shiny in one coat.

My car has navygation

My Car Has Navy-gation

Deep blue navy, this shade is very thick and is another fave from the collection (plus that name…).  You can definitely work this colour into fall as well.

Hotter Than You Pink

Hotter Than You Pink

This hot pink shade is a repeat from a previous collection and is shimmery when applied.  It’s not as hot as I would like it, however, if you’re too scared to go too hot with your polish, it’s toned down enough to be eye-catching without being scary.

Down to the Coreal

Down to the Core-al

Although not a true creme, this orange coral has very fine golden shimmers. It is a bit sheerer than I would like it, but it pops against tanned hands.

Life Gave me lemons

Life Gave Me Lemons

The show-stopper from the collection in my opinion, this is also another repeat.  I have probably three shades close to this one already and they get me everytime. This creme is a green yellow, leaning more towards the yellow side of the spectrum, but very summer appropriate.

Overall, I liked this collection, but I feel that OPI could have gone brighter with the colours.  With that being said, I’m not a very reserved person when it comes to what I think is bright, so if you don’t want to go too much out of your comfort zone, check these shades out.  You can also layer a white polish underneath to make any of these shades pop.

Are you picking up any colours from the OPI Brights collection?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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