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Fitness Fridays: Tone It Up!

So since I don’t currently have a gym membership, on the days I don’t teach Group Power I try to find other ways to get in some exercise.  In the summertime it’s easy because I will just go for a run outside, but with the weather being cold (and not to mention snow), I usually […]

Brown and beautiful: NARS Cordura duo

When it comes to eyeshadows I typically either choose something from MAC, Urban Decay, or Inglot.  I have always had a fascination with NARS eyeshadows but they are so expensive for what you get (for example, it’s C$28 for one eyeshadow) that I could never justify the purchase. I have been wanting NARS Galapagos for […]

July Favourites!

So July is officially over so you know what that means?! July favourites time! This is the first favourites post in a while where I have actually been on time for one. I think maybe it’s the fact that it’s a holiday here in Canada, I’m having a lazy Monday. Some of the stuff I’m […]