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Pink passion: A Valentine’s Day makeup look

You know when you see a new makeup collection and it just screams a certain season? Well, that’s what the Mary Kay Light, Reinvented Collection for spring 2017 did for me. From the packaging to the products themselves, everything about this just says flowers blooming, snow melting and sun shining. The collection is comprised of […]

In bloom: A Valentine’s Day look

When it comes to Valentine’s Day makeup, there’s really two options – a red lip or a soft pink look.  Okay, there’s obviously more, but to me, these two colours just scream Valentine’s Day. Since red lipstick is so not kissable, I naturally gravitate towards pink.  You can wear it bold, you can wear it […]

Sultry seduction: a sexy Valentine’s Day look

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Although many just think of it as a Hallmark holiday, the day is much more than that.  I’m wearing my favourite “Love” tank from H&M, rocking pink on my nails, and my valentine is my American Eskimo dog Ziggy (aka my main man). I’ll be heading to a dessert place tonight with […]

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