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All for one: Revlon Professional UniqONE haircare

I’ve never really been a huge fan of conditioning shampoos. To be honest, I’ve never really gotten what the point of these products do. It’s a shampoo and conditioner all in one, but I’ve read that they are a lot more gentle on the hair than if you were to use each product separately (they […]

The automatic curl: Rowenta Beauty Curl Active curling iron

Just like how every other technology is evolving, so are curling irons. I don’t want to say we are a lazy generation, but it seems like technology has taken over making everything easier for us.  Including curlers.  I received the Rowenta Beauty Curl Active iron last week, which includes an automatic barrel. Say what?  The […]

NOTD: Misa Polka-Dot Bikini

One of the items in my April 2012 Topbox was a nail polish from Misa.  I’ve never heard of this brand before, but according to the note that came with my “box” it can be found at Trade Secrets. The colour is called Polka-Dot Bikini and it’s a very pale neutral pink.  The colour itself, […]