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Jolly ho! Benefit holiday sets

Ay carumba! Benefit has released some rad sets this holiday season! I love, love love Benefit’s holiday collections because they offer minis of their bestsellers that gives you a great way to try out the brand.  I still have minis from two of their holiday sets from a couple years ago that I still use […]

Fake it! Hangover-free makeup

There’s nothing like waking up the night after a long night out and not only feeling awful, but looking worse for wear as well. Although I don’t go out as much as I used to, I have had many a morning where waking up and seeing the hot mess reflection of yourself in the mirror […]

April 2012 Topbox

So one of the many things I love about Topbox is the fact that they always send out their boxes (erm, tubes) on the same day every month, so you basically receive it at the middle of the month consistently. I got my April Topbox on the 16th (it was supposed to be here on […]

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