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#GottaTurnItUp Festival Beauty

From Coachella to Osheaga, EDC, and Tomorrowland, festival season is upon us!  We have a couple music festivals here in Manitoba, none of which I have been to, but EDC and Tomorrowland are definitely on my bucket list. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or not, you can still dress the part!  Crop tops, daisies, maxi […]

What’s in my travel skincare/hair bag

So upon planning for my two-week European holiday, I knew that I had to take advantage of as much space as I could possible handle.  I only brought a regular-sized suitcase and a backpack, so I had to majorly cut down on how much makeup I could bring (the horror!) and the skincare I choose […]

Mid, low, high: makeup removers for every budget

For every good makeup product out there, you need an equally good remover to take it all off at the end of the day. Having a good makeup remover is just as important as the products you put on your face.  And just like how every mascara is different, so are the removers. For some, […]

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