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Sweet smells: Four perfumes to pick up this fall

Is there such a thing as too many perfumes? I didn’t think so. Sure, lipsticks are definitely something that evokes personality, but there is nothing like a perfume to make you feel a certain way. Perfumes evoke emotions and something as simple as a particular smell can transport you into a specific time and place. […]

The cure: Skin & body treats for moisture

Perhaps the biggest news last week if you’re from North America were all these frozen temperatures going around. Coming from a place with a moniker of “Winterpeg”, we certainly experienced deep-freeze temperatures, dipping down to… wait for it… -52C… on more than one day. Well yes my friends, it was as bad as it sounds […]

Over the rainbow: How to colour correct like a pro

You may have seen them in the concealer aisle, products in rainbow hues like green, purple, pink and yellow. No, these aren’t concealers, they’re colour correctors! Suffer from dullness? Redness? Bags under your eyes? Thankfully there’s a colour corrector for that! I’ve actually posted about colour correcting before, but I wanted to touch on it […]