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It’s not just about the makeup: Look Good Feel Better Canada

We’ve all seen them.  Friends tagging friends on Facebook to post pics of them wearing no makeup, appropriately called the “no-makeup selfie”.  Although it received much criticism and a flood of comments from people saying it was taking over their timelines, it was actually a movement for raising funds for cancer. Bridging on that theme, […]

Lashing out: Arbonne It’s a Long Story mascara

Okay, so you know how some makeup brands you just associate with an older generation?  I hate to admit it, but I totally typecast brands.  I really shouldn’t because more often than not, when I try out products from a brand that I think is more geared towards my mom, I usually end up loving them.  Arbonne […]

Eyes to kill: CoverGirl Bombshell mascara

A couple of years ago I was a lash extension fanatic.  I would get my lashes done every month for about a year until I realized that that $50 or so I was investing in little hairs could be better saved for my future condo (which I finally put a downpayment on last year).  I […]

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