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Keeping healthy and going green + a giveaway with Genuine Health

Today marks my favourite holiday, Halloween! Although I love everything spooky, it’s hard to resist all the candy and chocolate that comes with this ghoulish day.  Nevermind ghoulish day, how about ghoulish month? The party usually starts early with Halloween and it’s hard to resist those fun-size chocolates throughout the month. I don’t usually eat […]

Fitness Fridays: Perfect Fit Protein by Tone It Up!

So as often as I work out, I have never had a protein shake.  I’ll drink a Special K Morning Shake for breakfast, which contains 10 grams of protein, but buying protein powder and then drinking it after a workout is something I’ve never done before. Being on a Tone It Up! kick, I thought […]

Fitness Fridays: Tone It Up!

So since I don’t currently have a gym membership, on the days I don’t teach Group Power I try to find other ways to get in some exercise.  In the summertime it’s easy because I will just go for a run outside, but with the weather being cold (and not to mention snow), I usually […]