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Healthy on the go: Edo Japan opens in Winnipeg

I’m forever on a health kick. The problem is I absolutely love food. I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was younger I was quite heavy. It wasn’t until I went to university that I started actively working out and eating better. I try to limit fast food and if I do treat myself to […]

#ShineStrong with Pantene

A couple weeks ago I got an email through my contact form from a guy who came across my blog.  Although his email was flattering, I thought it was a bit odd.  Basically he said that I was a beautiful person on the outside, but am I beautiful on the inside. I know he didn’t […]

#GottaTurnItUp Night Out Beauty + giveaway!

Confession time.  As much as I love going out on a Friday or Saturday night, my favourite part of the night is the getting-ready time.   I don’t hit up the clubs much anymore, but I still love the glam time.  The hair, the makeup, the outfit, I love it all.  Play the Putting On […]

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