The mane event: L’Oreal Professional Techni.ART styling products


With my favourite season just around the corner, hair is starting to be more of a focus.

I feel like in the summertime hair kind of takes a back burner to everything else.  Because it’s so hot and laid back, I don’t usually find myself always styling my hair, unless it’s the weekend.  Just wash and go.  With fall though, I find my hair completes the outfit.  I start bursting out the curling irons and actually for the first time in a long time, I actually straightened my hair the other day (which I never do, but it went with the outfit).

Anyways, this brings me to styling products.  I am a firm believer in styling products.  My hair needs product.  Seriously, if I don’t use a split-end tamer my ends just frizz out.  Aside from serums that make my locks smooth, I love a little volume.

I recently got the chance to try out three of L’Oreal Professional’s new products from their Wild Stylers line.


Crepage de Chignon – Mineral Powder Fixing Spray Wild Mane Effect ($23.50)

A volume-boosting mattifying hairspray enriched with micronized calcium carbonate and non-ionic setting polymer to a create an XXL look.

Beach Waves – Texturing Salt Spray Beach Effect ($25)

A texturing salt spray to create a sexy, beachy look.  Spray all over the hair to style and achieve natural surf waves with a matte finish.

Next Day Hair – Micro-propelled texturing powder, tousled dishevelled effect. ($23.50)

With a non-ionic setting polymer that leaves no residue, this product instantly create a light, but grunge look.

Since I have naturally straight hair, I got the help of my bestie Jess to try out the Beach Waves spray, since honestly, when I sprayed it on my hair it did absolutely nothing.  We first curled her hair and then sprayed it throughout, twisting the curls to create that “just out of the sea” effect.  This product is definitely more of a summertime staple, but it’s still nice to have on hand for those days when you are beach dreaming.

Jessica As for the Crepage de Chignon and Next Day Hair, I absolutely love these products.  I am obsessed with anything that gives a little texture mixed with volume.  I’ll first wash my hair, then as I dry it with a round brush, I’ll spray Crepage de Chignon to my roots for some extra oomph. To keep the volume high, just scrunch your roots to reactivate the product throughout the day.

If I want bigger hair for a night out, I’ll first curl it, brush out the curls, then spray Next Day Hair on the mid to ends of the hair and then lightly backcomb.  Seriously, this leaves your hair looking so pretty and sexy, definitely emulating runway-worthy hair (umm perfect for NYFW).


I have a lot of hair products in my collection (and that would probably be an understatement), but I always love trying out new stuff.  I highly recommend these for big volume, and if you already have curly hair, give the Beach Waves spray a try for some effortless waves.

What are your favourite hair products?

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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