A little sparkle: ImPRESS Manicure press-on nails for the holidays

For all of those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas!

Even though I don’t partake in the holiday, my boyfriend does, and I’ve always found Christmastime to be the most magical season. Anything glitter is so on point this time of the year, and an easy way to incorporate a little sparkle is on your nails.

Broadway Nails ImPRESS press-on nails

Now as much as a love shiny nails, I’ve always found glitter polish to be difficult to remove. Thankfully, I have quite the collection of press on nails, that not only give me nice-looking tips, but it’s an easy way to sport some sparkle. I’ve tried many different faux nail brands but ImPRESS has always been my go-to. I find they stay on the longest and they always come in trendy designs. For the holiday season they have so many sparkly, show-stopping nails that it was hard choosing which one to wear this week. I ended up going with these metallic copper nails with glitter accents that are just so festive for this time of the year.

In case you haven’t tried ImPRESS yet, each kit comes with 30 nails guaranteed to fit every nail shape. They also include a prep pad, which you use on your nails first, a wood stick for pushing down your cuticles, and a little emery board. The only thing is, if you have long nails already, you will have to cut them depending on how long the press-on is otherwise your real nail could be longer. Anyways, I pick out which nails fit my real ones first, then peel off the backing and press it down. Five minutes later, I have a perfect manicure.

ImPRESS Press-on holiday nails ImPRESS Press-on nails applied

I’ve blogged about these before, but since New Year’s is now coming up, there’s nothing like a little glitter to ring in 2018. I’ll be skipping the polish this season and using these instead.

Do you wear press-on nails? What’s your favourite brand?

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