The Cult Collection: NARS Orgasm and Turkish Delight

You know those certain beauty items that everyone has and everyone knows.  Products like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, NARS’ Orgasm blush, Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara, you know, those items that everyone knows about and have achieved superstar status?  Well I came up with this genius idea to blog about them all, but then I figured that blog post would take forever to do, so I have split it up and I’m going to cover a few products in separate blog posts (genius, I know!).

Up first are two products by NARS, their Orgasm blush and Turkish Delight lipgloss.  Everyone knows NARS Orgasm, and if they don’t they must be living under a rock.  I think it’s safe to say that it is the most popular blush like, ever.

The second product is their Turkish Delight lipgloss, a sheer pink gloss which is widely known as Kim Kardashian’s favourite lipgloss.

So lets get into it!

NARS Orgasm Blush

The world’s most popular blush, NARS Orgasm is known as the most universally flattering shade of blush ever created.  According to the NARS website they describe Orgasm as “a peachy pink with shimmer”, to me however, I would say it’s more or a coral red with gold shimmer.

Not going to lie, it’s okay.  I’m more of a bronzer fan than a blush one, but this is one of those iconic beauty items that I had to try.  It’s like the Chanel 2.55 of the blush market.  And just like the bag, you are paying a premium price for it too.  I picked this up in the States at Sephora for a hefty $27 US, the most I will ever probably spend on blush, considering that I don’t even wear it that often.  I personally liked Super Orgasm better (it’s pinker) but I figured Orgasm is a cult item, so I had to try this one first.

Would I buy it again?  Probably not.  I have a very fair skin tone (NC 15) and I find this colour too red for my skin.  Maybe in the summer when I have a bit of a tan it will be better, but until then, it’s just okay.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, I don’t even dislike it.  I just think it’s okay.  I know they say universally flattering but maybe it’s better on other skin tones?  I dunno..  I also find that it goes on quite sheer and to get some colour I have to really swipe my brush on it a few times to get any actual colour.

NARS Orgasm swatch. Note that I really built up the colour.

So is it worthy of cult status?  To me?  No.  To others, sure.  They say it’s universally flattering and although I can see that, especially on darker skin tones, I think I’ll stick with my bronzer (their most famous bronzer, Laguna, I don’t have but I’m definitely going to pick that up when I run out of the other bronzers I currently have).  The hefty price tag on it is another factor into purchasing it as well.  There are numerous drug store dupes out there you can try if you want the same colour, so you don’t have to shell out the cash for it.  If you are like me though and always want the real thing then go ahead and give it a try, maybe it’ll be the perfect fit.

NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss

I recently picked up this little item last week because I got the 15% off for Beauty Insiders coupon from Sephora.  I was wanting this for a long time but I couldn’t justify spending $29 CAD on a lipgloss.  With the coupon it came to $24 I believe, which is still hefty, but it’s better than $30 plus, and when I want something I always find a way of getting it so I knew I would buy it eventually.

I want to start off by saying that I really like this gloss.  The colour is okay by itself, but over a lipstick it’s really great.  NARS describes it as a “pink sorbet”, and okay, I can definitely see that. The colour isn’t that pigmented, but it’s great for creating a nude lip (a la Kim Kardashian, which she pairs with MAC’s Angel lipstick).  It’s also good for making pink lipsticks or liners more pink. I really like pairing it with MAC’s Myth, Quite Cute, and Viva Glam Gaga pink lipsticks.

Another great thing about it is that it’s not sticky!  Unlike other ones other there (MAC Lipglass I’m looking at you) this one don’t feel like you have honey on your lips.  I hate wearing gloss and then heading outside on a windy day with your hair getting all caught in it.  Ugh, the worst!  That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t wear that much gloss anymore, I’m all about the lipstick because your hair doesn’t stick to it.

Turkish Delight with NARS Orgasm swatch (no those aren't bruises on my hand).

Okay, so as much as I love this gloss, I do have some negative things to say about it. The staying power on this gloss is terrible.  For a lipgloss that is so expensive you would think that François Nars would come up with a product that lasts longer than half an hour.  MAC lipglasses, although sticky, last way longer than this NARS one.  And they are almost half the price!  Other than that I don’t find anything else really wrong with it, I know that a lot of people have complained about the smell.  Apparently it has a chemical scent to it, which so far I haven’t noticed.  The gloss itself is pretty scentless.

So is it cult-worthy?  I would say so.  I think everyone needs a sheer pink gloss in their makeup bag. Is it a unique colour?  No, but I still really like it, but I just wish it would have a better staying power and a cheaper price tag.  For $29 I don’t think I would repurchase it unless I get another Beauty Insider deal.  For the time being though, I am definitely not going to be applying it that often because I want it to last, and I recommend applying it over a lipstick to really maximize lip colour.

Have you tried NARS’ Orgasm and Turkish Delight?  What were your thoughts?  Are they cult worthy or over-hyped?

As Good As Gold

So when it comes to gold or silver, most likely I’ll pick the gold option.  Not that I don’t like silver or anything, but there is just something about gold that appeals to me more.  Maybe it’s because as a kid I could only wear 10 karat gold earrings because of allergies, or maybe it’s because gold has more colour, I dunno, I just like gold.  A lot.

With summer coming up there is nothing like gold jewelry to accessorize with a perfect tan.  It not only pops out more, but it could also make you look darker.  Unfortunately I don’t really own any real gold unless you count some earrings from when I was nine or vintage jewellery passed down to me.  That’s okay though, I like costume jewellery better and it’s way more fun to wear (and not to mention cheaper!).

Bracelet and charm by Juicy Couture, ribbon charm necklace by Forever 21, and bracelets by H&M

I have picked up some really cute gold jewellery throughout the years.  One of my favourites is this oversized bow ring I got at H&M in Las Vegas in February.  It’s actually so cute and the best part?  I think I paid like $5 for it.

Rings by H&M

With oversized rings like these you want to make sure not to overdo it with other jewellery.  If I do a big ring I will pair it with a necklace or earrings.  Very rarely will I do a bracelet with it.  And if I do it will be a lone bangle pushed up on my arm.  I wore the bow ring a few days ago and that coupled with the Spa Ritual Knowledge is Power nail polish, the look totally reminded me of Hello Kitty.  It was just a cute, girly look.  I mean, who says that you can’t pair your rings with your nail polish?

Rosebud earrings by Forever 21, hoops by H&M

Like I mentioned earlier, I used to be allergic to everything but 10 karat gold earrings, and although that’s not the case anymore, I can only wear costume earrings for so long before they start to hurt my ears.  Whether I’m doing hoops or studs (like these cute rosebud ones from Forever 21) I can only pull them off for a day, which is fine because I always get something caught in the hoops and those studs are not comfortable to lie down with or talk on the phone with, although very cute.

Bracelet by Joe Fresh, chain necklace by Forever 21, and statement necklace by H&M

As for necklaces, all the gold ones I have are huge statement ones.  I recently picked up an oversized chain necklace from Forever 21 that I have been looking for forever.  I was so excited to see it in store last weekend that I had to pick it up right away.  You could pair that with anything from a button down shirt to a cute dress, it’s versatile to pull off in really any look.

As you can see I really do love gold jewellery.  And yes, I do own some silver as well, but I personally find gold more fun to wear.  What’s your jewellery collection like?  Are you a gold fan, or do you prefer silver?

Horror Weekend!

Image courtesy of

So fun fact about me – I absolutely love scary movies.  If it was between a chick flick and a horror movie, most likely I would choose the scarier of the two (there are some special exemptions, of course).  So when I was invited to check out two scary movies this weekend, I for sure said yes.

The first one I checked out was Scream 4, the fourth instalment in the Scream franchise.  I saw the first one maybe five years ago now and loved it, so naturally I wanted to see them all.  Well, I found Scream 2 so horrendous I didn’t even bother seeing the third one.  Lucky for me though, it didn’t seem like I missed anything because Scream 4 isn’t one of those movies where you need to see the previous films to get the present one.  If you saw the first Scream then you are set.  And you know what, even if you didn’t see it, the current movie is still understandable.

Image courtesy of

Okay, so you know when you see a sequel to a movie and it doesn’t live up to the original? (cough Scream 2 cough), well Scream 4 is so not the case.  It’s exciting, it’s funny, it’s suspenseful, and it’s entertaining!

The movie is actually so good.  And oh man that ending!  Did not expect that person to be the killer. I don’t want to give it away, but you will definitely be surprised.  It’s really a great film, I mean it’s not as scary as others out there, but really I don’t think it’s meant to be. I wouldn’t quite characterize it as horror, I think it falls more in the suspense genre.  It’s quite gory and a lot of people get killed, but between the awesome story line and the killer cast (no pun intended) this is one film I would definitely check out.

See it or skip it?  I would for sure see it.

Image courtesy of

The second movie I saw this weekend was Insidious. I’m going to start off by saying that I knew absolutely nothing about this movie.  In fact I didn’t even know it was a scary movie prior to my friend telling me about it.  Was it good?  It was okay.  I’m not going to lie, I have definitely seen better.

The movie is credited as being from the same people that brought us Saw and Paranormal Activity.  I didn’t like Saw but I loved Paranormal Activity, so I had some hope and high expectations.  I mean, just because I didn’t like Saw I still respect it, especially the fact that there have been about 20 of them (a little exaggeration)..

The movie starts off strong.  It’s about this young family who just moved into this new (huge) house and weird stuff starts happening (the usual stuff getting moved, falling, etc.).   One of the young sons goes up to the scary attic, hits his head, and the next day doesn’t wake up.  He’s not dead, but in this weird coma that the doctors can’t explain.  That’s when the scary stuff starts happening. The mom Renai (played by Rose Byrne) starts hearing voices and sees people in the house and after much coaxing finally convinces her husband Josh (Patrick Wilson) to move houses.  However, they soon start to realize that it wasn’t the house that was haunted, but their comatose son.  This is the part where the movie went downhill for me.

There was just so much stuff that just didn’t do it for me.  One, they showed the people that were haunting the house, which I find takes away from the horror in the film.  It’s much scarier to not see the ghosts or hauntings, it makes it much more suspenseful for the viewer.  I was like “big deal, it’s just some guys” and really, aside from one guy that looked like Darth Maul from Star Wars, they were just everyday looking people (some with tons of makeup on).  Another thing I didn’t like were the parts where it tried to be funny.  It was nice to laugh and break up the suspense, but I think it took away from the story to have these geeky ghosthunter kind of guys.  Not to mention the scene where the psychic/ghost whisperer lady wears this elephant-like mask to talk to the demon that wants to take over the sons body.

I dunno, there was something that just didn’t do it for me about this movie.  It was long and by the end it just got so low budget to me, but not good low budget like in Paranormal Activity, more like low budget as in The Uninvited, and no not the hollywood film, but a different one by IFC On-Demand that I found on Netflix and soon realized that it wasn’t the right Uninvited I was looking for.  Needless to say, I turned it off about half an hour into the film.

All negativity aside though, I did like the ending.  In true horror-like fashion it had the twist ending that leaves the audience sitting there for a few more seconds after the lights come on to take it in.

See it or skip it?  I would skip it.  Wait till it comes out on DVD and rent it if you really want to see it.

Have you seen Scream 4 or Insidious? What were your thoughts?

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