Heavy hitter: Essie Treat, Love & Colour collection

I have the worst nails.

I’ve always wanted beautiful, long nails. Unfortunately, with our dry, cold climate here in Winnipeg, the ability to have nails that don’t peel or break (at least for me), is very slim. In fact, I was just talking with my friend on how when we both visited warm climates, we both had long, beautiful nails that actually grew.

Well, if you have the same problem I do, then maybe try looking into Essie’s new collection of polishes, Treat, Love & Colour. Available in 32 shades, this collection of polishes promise stronger nails in just one week with 60 per cent less peeling and 35 per cent less breakage. The polish is infused with collagen and camellia extract to help nourish nails, and the line also advertises that it’s a one-step system, meaning that you don’t need a base or topcoat.

Essie Treat Love & Colour Collection

I received four shades from the collection, all beautiful pastels perfect for spring. Although I do like Essie polishes, the formula has never really been my favourite. The colour is nice, but I’ve always thought it was on a sheer side and the brush has never really done it for me. I do like the no-light gel formula, and with this new line it looks like they are upping their game.

The brush on these polishes are thicker and flatter than the typical Essie polish, which is great since it makes it easier to apply the colour faster.  All the shades, aside from Minimally Modest went on with two coats (Minimally Modest is on the sheer side, it called for four coats).  Like Essie recommends, I didn’t use a base or top coat and found that my nails looked shiny (but not as shiny as a top coat would make them look).

Essie Minimally Modest Essie Mauve-tivation Essie Glowing Strong Essie Daytime Dreamer

So far the colour has held up quite well, with some slight chipping on the tips (but that’s why my nails tend to peel so this is normal). Would I recommend this line?  Yes, I think it’s a fantastic product from Essie and I quite enjoy the colour range, the brush, and the wear on the polish. Check it out next time you’re in store to find a perfect shade for you.

Will you pick up any colour from the Essie Treat, Love & Colour collection?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Coming up unicorns: Too Faced Cosmetics Life’s a Festival collection

Tarte Cosmetics did it. BH Cosmetics did it. Makeup Revolution did it. And now, Too Faced is doing it.

Probably the most exciting collection I’ve seen in a while, Too Faced has recently come out with a unicorn-themed festival makeup collection, which has everyone putting items on their wishlist.

Now if you remember, Tarte Cosmetics also came out with a festival-themed collection about a year back, and since we still cannot get enough of the mystical unicorn, equally as cute makeup brand, Too Faced has followed up with their own collection of magical, colourful items.

The Life’s a Festival collection consists of nine items, everything from an eyeshadow palette, to a strobing brush and highlighter, a setting spray, and more. Everything comes in bright iridescent packaging that won’t even make you want to throw out the boxes.

Too Faced's Life's a Festival collection

I received a number of items from this collection, including the Life’s a Festival Eye Shadow Palette, the Festival Refresh Spray, two of the Magic Crystal Lip Toppers and La Crème Mystical Lipsticks, and one of the Unicorn Horn Highlighting Sticks.

Although everything in here is truly jaw-dropping, the showstopper is no doubt the eyeshadow palette (C$52), which contains 12 iridescent and matte shades, plus a highlighter. Here’s the thing about the palette, you’re going to want to own it, but it’s not the most wearable for everyday. Keep in mind that this collection is festival-themed, which means bright, colourful eyeshadow. Maybe not something suitable for the office (however, you can definitely make this work for daytime wear).

The shade range in here is mostly pinks, peaches, and green-toned shadows.  A lot of them give you that holographic effect, which is perfect for a concert, festival, the beach, you name it.  The shadows are infused with rose quartz to add extra energy to the shadows, which give them that shiny, holographic look, which unlike the glitters in the White Peach palette, these actually perform like you want them to.

Too Faced Life's a Festival eyeshadow palette Look using the Too Faced Life's a Festival eyeshadow palette

For the look above, I actually felt inspired by their information booklet that comes with the palette and gives you a variety of different looks to try out.  I used Desert Vibes lightly in the crease, then Sunset Dream in the crease and inner corner, and then placed Fun in the Sun directly in the middle. For the brow highlight I used Beamin’. Like I said earlier, I was really impressed with how soft and pigmented these shadows go on.

Like most of Too Faced’s palettes, this one does have a signature scent, it’s a citrusy one that will have you craving some sun and a music festival. This palette also includes their Unicorn Tears highlight, which is a blue/silver-toned iridescent shadow that goes on shimmery. If you know the brand well, Unicorn Tears was first a lipstick colour that looked blue, but transformed into a different colour. Around the last holiday season they also came out with a Unicorn Tears set at Ulta, which included this highlighter as well.

Speaking of highlighters, the brand has come out with a couple different unicorn-themed highlighters, including the Unicorn Horn Highlighting Stick. This cream highlighter, which looks like a unicorn horn, comes in two shades, Unicorn Dreams (pink) and Unicorn Tears (blue). I received the pink one, which although looks coral/pink, it blends out into a nice subtle highlight. Although I don’t usually reach for a cream highlighter often (since I like to use a powder first to set my foundation and I find powders and creams don’t typically mix well), I can’t help but reach for this one since it’s so darn cute.

Actual product aside, the packaging for this features a glittery unicorn on the lid, which is so irresistible that you’ll probably want to pick this up solely to just have in your collection.  The colour is nice, it actually reminds me of NARS Orgasm, since the shade is similar, but once it’s blended out it doesn’t look as pink. If not the most shimmery highlight, however, it’s nice to use a base for a powder one to finish a look.

Too Faced La Creme Mystical Lipstick Too Faced Unicorn Tears Gloss and Fairy Tears gloss

Since this whole collections seems to be based off a lipstick, obviously the brand would come out with more shades of their mystical colour-changing lipsticks. La Creme Mystical Lipstick (C$26 each), available in four shades, is a shade-shifting technology that changes the colour based on your body temperature. Think of it as a mood ring for your lips. These are infused with White Lotus Flower Extract for hydration and offer up a signature sweet unicorn scent.  One swipe is all you need for full coverage colour.

I received two of the four shades, Mermaid Tears (iridescent green with deep lilac) and Angel Tears (cream that transforms to iridescent pink champagne, worn above).  There is also Unicorn Tears and Fairy Tears (soft coral). These are very comfortable to wear and I like how they aren’t exactly as they seem. Obviously Angel Tears is my favourite between the two, but I actually did like how Mermaid Tears looks on once applied (more so than I thought I would). Mermaid Tears is pretty dark and green in the tube, however, once you put on it’s a shimmering purple colour that is really stunning (below).

The wear on these is quite comfortable, with the lighter ones, like Fairy Tears, you can easily just throw this in your bag for everyday use since it’s such a wearable colour. It’s one of those shades that is great to carry in your bag all the time since it’s so versatile.

Mermaid Tears lipstick with Unicorn Tears lip topper

Finally, if you want to add a little more magic to the La Creme Mystical Effects lipsticks, then pop on the Magic Crystal Lip Topper (C$24 each). Available in the same four shades as the lipsticks, these are a super-glossy, non-sticky lip gloss that also shifts in colour based on light and movement.

These are meant to be worn over the corresponding shade of lipstick, however, you can definitely mix and match, as I did above. I received Fairy Tears and Unicorn Tears, which were the other shades of lipsticks I didn’t get.  I paired Fairy Tears with Angel Tears (seen in the eyeshadow photo at the top) and Unicorn Tears with Mermaid Tears (above). As you can see, it didn’t really shift the colour of the lipsticks, but instead it added some major holographic shimmer that just amplified the colour even more.

I’m not usually a fan of lip glosses, but I do really like Too Faced’s Lip Oils and these have that same comfortable, non-sticky texture, so I don’t mind these. Again, these are great to just have in your bag, whether you wear them alone (also very pretty since they are so prismatic) or to layer over a lipstick.

Finally, to set everything, you’re definitely going to want to pick up the Festival Refresh Spray (C$32), which out of everything, I think this is my favourite. This setting spray, which is a blue, cooling pearlescent face mist, sets and refreshes makeup and instantly lifts your mood. First, shake it up so those opalescent pearls are activated, then spray on your face to set your makeup and refine the look of pores and skin texture. The reason I love this so much is because a) it looks cool, and b) it smells like Sprite. Seriously, this stuff is so amazing, and best of all, it’s one of those universal products, so even if you wanted to pick up something from this collection but aren’t that adventurous, this is the way to go.

There are a ton of other items in this collection as well, such as highlighting drops, a brush, and a bronzer (which I actually did receive two of, both of which shattered in the mail; be careful when ordering the bronzer!!). Although some of the items in here aren’t the most wearable for everyday, with the packaging, the scent, and the cuteness of the collection, you’re definitely going to want to pick up something from here.

Peace, love and unicorns.

Will you be picking up anything from the Too Faced Life’s a Festival collection?



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Peachy perfect: Too Faced White Peach eyeshadow palette

Just when you thought Too Faced couldn’t find any more items to add to their mega-popular Peach lines, they recently introduced a new beauty to the family, the White Peach eyeshadow palette.

Now I don’t think I have ever seen an actual white peach, but anything peach-related that the brand comes out with, I know I’m going to love (seriously though, what’s next?). I have some items from the original Sweet Peach collection and a few items from the Peaches & Cream collection, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the newest baby to the family. The White Peach Essentials Eye Shadow Palette is infused with the same peach and sweet fig cream scent as the Peaches & Cream collection (which is also known to be packed with vitamins and antioxidants), and features 12 shadows in an assortment of mattes, shimmers, and glitters.

Since this is peach-themed, the majority of the shades in here are some variation of pinks, peaches, and purples. The idea behind this palette in general is that it can be used everyday. There are blendable mattes, stunning shimmers, and glitters. The shades are inspired by the colours of a white peach, and I have to say that this palette is a stunner.

Too Faced White Peach eyeshadow palette Too Faced White Peach eyeshadow palette

Retailing for $55 and available in Sephora stores as of February 2, 2018, the price is reasonable for a high-quality palette. I found all the majority of the shades to offer great pigmentation, aside from Peach Ice, the glittery champagne, which is such a shame since it’s beautiful and has the potential to be show-stopping on the lids. Similar to the Glitter Bomb palette, the glitters in here don’t really offer much pigmentation at all and are quite flaky in texture. Adding a setting spray to your brush before dipping it in the shadow helps a little, but I just wish the glitters worked better.

Like most Too Faced palettes, this palette also comes with a How-To Glamour Guide, which gives you a variety of looks to try in case you are completely lost on how to use this palette. I don’t usually pay attention to these, but for this post, I chose to try one of their looks out, Bottomless Bellinis, a pinky-peachy look appropriate for daytime…

  1. Apply Peach Cream from crease to brow.
  2. Week Peach Suede into crease and blend into outer corner of lid.
  3. Press Creme De La Peach onto lid and blend outward.
  4. Dab Peach Ice into inner corner of eye.

Since this look is very light, I added a bit of Sweet Fig into the crease (the matte taupe) and a little bit of that shade on the lower lash line as well to smoke it out.

Look featuring Too Faced White Peach eyeshadow palette Look featuring Too Faced White Peach eyeshadow palette

Looks peachy, right? Overall I would say this is a great daytime palette, there are some colours in here to smoke it out for nighttime, but it’s a great palette to have in your collection since the colours are just so flattering and blendable. You can create a variety of looks with this one.

Pigmentation aside, I actually really love the packaging on this. The palette isn’t too big, so it’s totally perfect for travel. It also have a large mirror inside it, making it perfect to apply on the go.

So how does this compare to the other Peach palettes? I don’t have the Peaches and Cream one, but I do find that the original Sweet Peach has a little more to offer in it in terms of shade range. Keep in mind though that that palette is larger, so there’s ore real estate to add more shades. It would be nicer to have a couple shades in here for the crease, but the shade range isn’t too bad. It’s the perfect palette for summer.

Will you be picking up the Too Faced White Peach palette?

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