A Pop of Shine

So one of my favourite things about fall is busting out my Ugg boats.  Love em’ or hate em’ they are warm and comfortable, especially after wearing heels all day at work.  I got the black sequined Ugg boots last February in Las Vegas and I have noticed that they are starting to pop up in stores here in Canada.

I have been a huge fan of Ugg Australia for about seven years now and have owned at least five pairs of these boots in all different colours and styles.  Even though they are not the best made boots anymore (they make them in China, not Australia – hey, supply and demand right?) and there is the fact that they are extremely overpriced, but for some reason I keep coming back to them.  So when I saw these sequined boots in the Ugg Australia store at the Forum Shops I knew I had to have them.

I love sparkly things, like seriously, the more glitter, the better.  These boots come in a variety of different colours – black, gold, silver, purple, and red.  When I bought mine they only had black because they were a hot commodity, riding off the coattails of being on Oprah’s Favourite Things.  I like the black the best because they are understated compared to the other colours.  Although I tend to be quite flashy, for these boots I would have picked black even if there were more colours to choose from because 1) black goes with everything and b) they aren’t as in-your-face as the other colours are (not to knock the other colours, I just prefer the black ones the best). I usually wear these with liquid leggings or black denim, when I tried them on in the store with blue jeans I thought they looked like sewage boots, as weird as that sounds. I definitely do not think they go with everything but you can for sure dress them up and down, and besides, with the holidays coming up they are a perfect fit.  Festive and warm.

The boots are covered in sequins and have satin details.  Inside they have the standard sheepskin lining for maximum comfort. So would I recommend them?  I myself love them and they are a fun way to add some flavour and shine to an outfit. In the United States they retail for $170 and in Canada for $255.  If you are Canadian like me, I would either order them online from an American retailer like Victoria’s Secret or take a trip down to the U.S. to get them.  I hate how Ugg Australia is marked up here in Canada by so much.  So with that being said, they are a lot for really a frivolous purchase (when I travel I usually buy one expensive item, this was it), I do not really wear these in the winter time because we get a lot of snow here and iconically I find that snow and slush tend to ruin my Ugg boats.  So far I have only worn these in the fall and spring and a little in the winter if the snow is hard. For so much money I would hate to ruin them because of a little snow and slush.

I also noticed online that there are a pair of over-the-knee sequin Uggs which are just so fabulous but unnecessary for $350 USD.

As a side note, shoes.com is offering 20 per cent off site-wide and free shipping.  If you were looking into purchasing these Uggs or any other Uggs I would check this sale out, it’s on until October 29, 2011.  Sorry for my Canadian friends, they do not ship Ugg Australia internationally but they sell a ton of other fab brands if you guys are interested.

What do you think of sequin Uggs?  Fun or tacky?  Overpriced or not worth it?  Leave me a comment below :).

Fall Loves Tag

So as I have said before, fall is my favourite season of the year.  I loves the leaves falling, the cool, brisk air, wearing jeans and Uggs.  Compared to the other seasons, fall is number one in my book.

I was watching some YouTube videos yesterday and Amarixe did the Fall Loves Tag, and I thought it would be fun to do, so here goes!

What Are Your Top Five Makeup Products for Fall?

1. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation – I really love how this foundation looks on my skin, it really does present an airbrushed look.  I bought the shade Bamboo Beige which is more of a summer shade for me, so I’ve been using it constantly before I have to go back to my pale MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC 15.

2. MAC Blankety Lipstick – I’m either sporting pinks or nudes on my lips but recently I’ve been loving MAC’s Blankety because it’s a darker nude than what I’m used to (think MAC Myth).  It goes with any look and it is just the perfect neutral colour for the season.

3. NARS Orgasm Blush – You know when you come inside after a really cold day and your cheeks are all red.  Well Orgasm is like that but not so bright.  It adds a nice colour to your cheeks to warm them up.

4. Dark Eyeshadows – Fall is all about darkening up my look.  Maybe I will rock a smokey eye during the day, or maybe I feel like a dark purple in my crease.  I like dark eyes for fall because they are easy to pull off with this type of weather.  In the summer, I tend to go every natural or use a pop of colour to brighten up my look.  In the fall I can rock a smokey eye with a black peacoat and it won’t look overdone.

5. Eyelash Curler – The secret to long, curled lashes!  Make sure you curl your lashes with a good eyelash curler before applying your favourite mascara.  The one I am currently using is the Sephora brand curler (they were out of the Shu Uemera so they gave me their house brand one for free).

What Is Your Favourite Fall Nail Polish?

This one is tough!  I love dark colours in the fall so I would say either You Don’t Know Jacques or William Tell Me About OPI.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques

What Is Your Favourite Fall Hair Product?

I don’t really have a favourite fall hair product.  I love Pureology products year round and cannot recommend them enough.  Their shampoo and conditioner leave your hair so healthy, shiny and soft.  If I had to choose a product other than the necessities, I would have to say OSiS Dust It for maximum volume in your hair.

What Is Your Favourite Fall Scent?

I love, love, love Thierry Mugler’s Angel perfume!  The scent is so musky and unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.

What Are Your Favourite Fall Clothing Pieces and Accessories?

For clothing I would have to say jeans and Uggs. For accessories, hands down scarves.

Who is Your Fall Style Icon?

I don’t know if I have one to be honest. I don’t really look to celebrities for inspiration.  I get inspiration from clothing designers, mannequins, television shows, people watching, etc.  In terms of style I really like the Kardashians but some of the stuff they wear can be hideous.

You Are Going to a Corn Maze, What Are You Wearing?

I actually went to a corn maze this year and I wore my Zara jeans, chestnut tall Uggs, an Aritzia cabin-esque sweater, a scarf, and a bomber jacket.

What is Your Favourite Halloween Movie?

I don’t know if I have a favourite Halloween movie.  I am a horror movie junkie and have seen my fair share of scary flicks.  My all-time favourite horror movie would be The Ring.  I also really like Cabin Fever, Paranormal Activity (all of them), The Shining, Scream (the original), and Edward Scissorhands.

Favourite Halloween Candy?

Apple Caramel Pops hands down!  I look forward to buying a bag every Halloween and I can only ever find them at Wal-Mart.

What Do You Want To Be For Halloween?

I was thinking either sexy nurse, or sexy stewardess…   I’m just kidding!  I’m going as Katy Perry and Ziggy is going as Superman.  Chase is going as a bumblebee (he’s wearing one of Ziggy’s old costumes).

I hope you guys enjoyed this tag and I tag all of you!

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The Lash Diaries: Rimmel Volume Accelerator Mascara

So as you guys know I am on the 30 day challenge to see if the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum actually works in making lashes longer and thicker.  I was given the opportunity to also try out the Rimmel London Volume Accelerator Mascara which is one of their new mascaras that launched in July 2011 in Canada.

Like the serum, the mascara contains Rimmel’s Growlash Complex which help to battle thin, short lashes and help strengthen them.  The product also contains their Volume-Boosting Complex which helps to promote the appearance of thick and remarkably strong lashes.  Rimmel claims that this mascara will make lashes appear up to 12 times fuller and after 30 days, bare lashes will look fuller, denser, and visibly multiplied.  I don’t use this mascara every day, and I’m currently using a few lash serums (Rimmel, Dior), so I couldn’t tell you if this mascara actually does make your lashes longer and thicker after 30 days.  I can however, tell you how it applies and if it works. The tube itself is very thick, in fact it’s one of the thickest tubes of mascara I have ever seen.  Maybe it’s supposed to be a subliminal thing, like the bigger the tube, the bigger the lashes?  I don’t know I’m taking a guess here…

As for the brush, it’s in a tear drop shape with half of it being round and the other half flat. At first I thought this was kind of a weird shape for a brush, I mean a tear drop, what good is that?  After using it a couple of times the shape is quite helpful.  This wand is made to fit the natural shape of your lashes.  Think about it, you want your lashes longer at the end and then small near the inner corners or your eye, like the wand.  The rounded and flat sides of the brush help to achieve this effect.

Now on to the test..

Bare Lashes

The above image shows my lashes with absolutely no mascara. I did use my Sephora eyelash curler prior to applying the mascara, this undoubtedly helped with the curl.

One Coat

Here are my lashes after one coat.  There is some definite volume and separation, not bad for just one swipe.  Also, my lashes look soft and fluttery.   If I’m having a lazy day I would apply this mascara with just one swipe; just enough product for a natural look.

Two Coats

I didn’t notice much difference between coats one and two other than the fact that my eyelashes did look darker.  By the way, the colour I’m trying is 003 Extreme Black.

Three Coats

After three coats my lashes did look like longer and more noticeable, however, there was some clumping going on.  I definitely wouldn’t apply a fourth coat.

Before and After

Here is the final before and after shot and as you can see my lashes had some noticeable volume.  For a drugstore mascara this one is pretty good and you get the added benefit of and Growlash Complex which is in their serum as well.  Whether the complex actually works in this mascara, I couldn’t tell you.

So would I recommend this mascara?  Yes I would.  However, I would definitely use a curler beforehand so you get the extra added volume. And hey, for $9.99, this mascara is worth it.

Have you tried Rimmel London’s Volume Accelerator Mascara?  What were your thoughts?

Please note: I did receive this product for review, however, it did not affect my opinions on it.  All opinions are my honest own :).  

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