Hello Berry inspired bracelets DIY

So an item I have been coveting over for the past few months have been the Hello Berry bracelets on Etsy.  I first saw the super cute chain and braided bracelets on the Luxy sister’s secondary channel and pretty soon, all my favourite gurus seemed to get one.  I have been obsessed with them but I couldn’t justify spending C$26 for one bracelet (with shipping it would be around C$30), plus you can’t have just one, I would want to stack them.

Well, I was perusing the Internet the other night and I came across a few tutorials on YouTube on how to make them.  It looked easy enough, so the next day I went to my local Michael’s store and bought all the supplies for them.  The only thing I couldn’t find was the same chain they use (a curb chain), but I got a similar, smaller silver version of it (if you want the same chain, Charming Chains & Supplies on Etsy has them).

Between the chain, three different colours of craft lace (turquoise, pink, and white), and superglue, my bill was around $17 (I had a coupon for 50 per cent off one item as well), total score!  I managed to make six bracelets before I ran out of chain, but I mean the chain costs $5.99 so when I ran out I got another pack of it (their 50 per cent off coupon expires on June 15, so it was $3 and a bit).

I’m not going to go into the steps on how to make them since I won’t do it justice, but check out the below YouTube tutorials.  It’s easier than it looks!

On average it takes me about half an hour to make one bracelet, but when you think about it, it costs around $2.50 per bracelet compared to the $26 you pay to buy one bracelet from Hello Berry.  You could even grab a couple friends and have a bracelet making party!

One last thing to note, when you are braiding the lace, make sure that it’s not twisted, otherwise it won’t look as polished, also, in the videos they measure the lace about 22 times the length of the chain, I have been measuring it around 24 times to make sure I have enough.  I would rather have too much than too little.

Let me know if you try the tutorial!

Also, don’t forget to enter my Sally Hansen Avril Lavigne Salon Effects giveaway!

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Sk8r nails plus giveaway! (CLOSED)

Sally Hansen Salon Effects have just gotten a little more punk.

I have blogged previously about the real nail polish strips from Sally Hansen and I like to think of them as the affordable/drug store version of shellac.  Basically, each package comes with all different size “stickers” that fit on your nails and last up to 10 days.  These strips adhere to your nails like a sticker but stay on, don’t budge, and smell like nail polish.  The best part?  Once they are on you are good to go, there is no drying time and they also have minimal chipping.

About a week ago I got a press release about the new Avril Lavigne collaboration with Salon Effects and I knew I had to get my nails on them.  The collection is made up of 12 different designs and they are pretty typical Avril Lavigne.  The pop-rocker came out with her first album when I was in either middle school or high school (I can’t remember) and when I think of her, pink and black, skulls, and checkered print come to mind (plus, who can forget the female tie?) Well, this collection does not disappoint.

I got eight of the designs and they are fun, but definitely for the young at heart.  Being obsessed with animal print I knew I had to try Purr-fect Harmony first.  On the marketing material the cheetah print looks ombre, however, when you actually look at the strips they are all different colours.  To be honest, it reminds me of clown nails when applied, each nail is a different colour of leopard, which to be honest is a bit disappointing.  The package comes with two sets of nail strips, one for each hand, however, I was able to actually only use one package and just split one strip in half, one for each hand.

I think the collection is perfect for pre-teens or even teenagers. I work in an office myself, but we are a bit casual, so I don’t mind wearing skulls with pink glitter, but if I was going to a formal event I wouldn’t even apply it.  These are fun and cute, but if you are looking for a more serious print, I would choose a different pattern.  However, with that being said, there are a few more toned down patterns in the line, like Take The Stage, a black glitter; In the SPOT-light, white with black polka-dots; Crowd Surfer, teal and silver ombre; and Beat You To It, a green glitter.

L to R: In the SPOT-light, Sound Check, STUD-io Time

L to R: Purr-fect Harmony, You're a Star

L to R: Beat you to it, Headbanger, Take the Stage

Now onto the fun part?  Want to win a few pairs of the Avril Lavigne Salon Effect Nail Strips? I am giving away Sound Check (yellow/black checkers), STUD-io Time (grey studs), and Beat You To It (green glitter) to one lucky winner.   Contest will be open to American and Canadian residents aged 13 and over (if you are under 13 you have to have your parent’s permission to enter).  Contest will close on July 2, 2012.  To enter, you must be a subscriber (to subscribe, enter your email address at the top of the right sidebar on the homepage) and leave me a comment below with your favourite pattern from the collection! 

Good luck!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Avril Lavigne collection?  If so, what were your thoughts?

Please note I was sent these products for review, however, all opinions are my honest own.

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“Flat”tering flats: Tory Burch Revas

So an item that has been on my wish list for a while are the Tory Burch Reva flats.  I was going to pick these up in Vegas this summer but since I was in Alberta last week I thought I might as well just buy them here in Canada (therefore I would have more of a duty limit coming back from Vegas, there’s one tax in Alberta, and the price difference isn’t that dramatic).

I picked up my pair at Holt Renfrew, where they retail for C$215 (they are $195 USD).  I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of black flats that are both stylish, functional, versatile, and well made.  For $215 I would hope these bad boys will last me a long time.  I believe that Tory Burch is only sold at Holt Renfrew in Canada, as well as the Tory Burch store in Toronto (I’m not sure if it’s open yet though).  

I got my Revas in black leather, which is so supple to the touch, but unfortunately prone to scuff marks.  The biggest and boldest detail on the pair is the huge Tory Burch branded medallion.  These are the classic Reva’s but they also come in a variety of different patterns, leathers, etc.  I have the ones with the silver logo, but with that being said, my first choice would have been the gold ones but they didn’t have my size in them.  To be honest though, the silver is so shiny that it’s hard to tell sometimes which colour they actually are.

Alright, so on the topic of big sizes, I usually wear a 7.5, but depending on the brand, I can fit anything from a 7 to an 8.  So when I asked for a 7.5 and was told they didn’t have my size I was mildly heartbroken.  I mean I came all the way to Holts to be told that they didn’t have my size?  Well, I don’t give up that easily.  They had an 8.5 as a display model so I slipped that on and sure enough it was a perfect fit.  I think this is mostly in part because the back of the shoe has an elastic, so in theory I think a 7.5 would have fit but it probably would have been tight.  The 8.5 fits so well because of the fact that that elastic is there, if it wasn’t it probably would be a touch too big.

Back when I was researching the shoes online I read mixed reviews about sizing.  Some people said to size up, others said they are true to size, and others complained that the elastic cut into the back of their feet.  I was seriously “thisclose” to ordering them during the Shopbop Friends and Family sale in a 7.5 but I’m glad I didn’t.  If you have a store near you that sells Tory Burch, I would highly recommend trying a pair on.  I feel like if I ordered a 7.5 the elastic would be cutting into my skin and they would be quite painful, plus my toes would probably be at the very end of the shoe.  Everyone is different so I don’t want to say size up (like I did), but if you have the chance, I highly recommend trying them on before you blind purchase them.

Minor scuffing :(. Tory Burch offers advice on how to get rid of this though on their official site.

As for comfort, these are notoriously known to be extremely uncomfortable when you first get them.  To be honest, they are actually quite comfy until you walk miles in them, then I find that the area below my pinky toe and below my big toe kind of get sore. This could be due to the fact that I’m still breaking them in though.  They also don’t rub which is really nice.  Again, this could be due to sizing.

So final thoughts, I really love these shoes.  They are flashy enough that you can wear them during a night out, but fashionable enough that you can also sport them at the office.  $215 is a lot to spend on a pair of flats, but I got them for a variety of reasons.  I think they are versatile to wear with any outfit, plus with the comfort level, I can wear these really anywhere.  I think that everyone should have a pair of well-made, fashionable and timeless flats that will last you years and years.  Plus, it was also my birthday coming up, so they were a gift to myself.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair, I really do highly recommend trying them on first.  Plus, don’t be discouraged if they don’t have your size, go up a size; you never know, they could be the perfect fit.

Do you own a pair of the Tory Burch Reva flats?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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