July Favourites!

So July is officially over so you know what that means?! July favourites time! This is the first favourites post in a while where I have actually been on time for one. I think maybe it’s the fact that it’s a holiday here in Canada, I’m having a lazy Monday.

Some of the stuff I’m going to mention I already blogged about but what the heck, I’ll mention them again.

NYX Eyeliner in White

I have wanted a white eyeliner for a while now and since I’m saving my moola for Vegas I wanted one that was inexpensive (MAC’s Fascinating eyeliner is like $17.50 CDN). I have wanted to try NYX products for a long time now but the only place that sell it at in Canada (at least in my city) is at Zellers, which I hardly ever go to. Anyways, one day I was in Zellers and I picked this guy up along with a lipliner (which I’ll get into in a bit).

The reason why I wanted a white eyeliner is because after watching numerous Michelle Phan YouTube videos, I was pretty convinced that I needed one in my collection. I hardly use pencil liner (I’ll only use it on my waterline) and I only have it in black. The white liner, however, can be used to make your eyes look bigger (especially if you have small eyes), it can be used in the corner of your eyes, under your brow bone, and on your cheek bones as a highlighter. So therefore, it has multiple uses and well worth the pice of $3.99 CDN.

NYX Lipliner in Dolly Pink

I have wanted this lipliner ever since Dulce Candy mentioned that she uses this with NARS’ Turkish Delight to create the most perfect baby pink colour for her lips. So of course, knowing me, I go out and get NARS’ Turkish Delight (a $29 CDN lipgloss) and then wait like four months to get the $3.99 lipliner (hey, I never go to Zellers!).

Anyways, I have already mentioned this in my Barbie Lips post (if you want to see swatches, check out the post here), but I absolutely love this colour! I have tons of pink lipsticks to pair this with so it will get lots of wear. I have always associated lipliner with older women that I never felt like I needed to buy one, but this colour is just so gorgeous and fresh, it’s a must in my opinion. There are so many glosses and lipsticks that you can pair this with to create the most girly lip.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I did a whole post on these already but I just had to mention them again (don’t forget to enter my giveaway!). These things are fabulous. I was sent a few of them from APEX Public Relations, the PR company that handles Sally Hansen in Canada, a few weeks ago and so far I have only tried the neon yellow colour (Electric Shock). I was a bit hesistant over these at first because they are basically stickers. I didn’t think that you could get 10 days out of them (that’s what they claim), but wow, I had them on for 11 before I finally took them off (they come off easily with nail polish remover). The only reason I took them off after 11 days was because I like switching up the colour and they were a bit chipped (I like to pick at my nail polish).

They are quite expensive for a one-time thing (retails for $9.95 CDN, I have seen them for cheaper though at some places), however, the cute patterns are just to-die-for that I think they are totally worth the money. I mean lets see you paint on a cheetah print or butterflies or fishnets. Even the neon colours are gorgeous. Before I tried them I totally thought, why would anyone buy the solid colour ones, now I totally understand.

To me, they are the drug store equivalent of shellac, and shellac can cost around $30, so I mean why not buy these instead, they last probably the same amount of time as them and you get super cute patterns, colours, and glitters.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

I blogged about this last week so I feel weird mentioning it again, but I really do love this product; this stuff truly does work. I don’t have dark under eye circles at all but I use this to freshen up my face mid-day or in the morning just to add that extra bit of coverage.

I’m not going to go into huge detail here (check out my post on it here for more info) but I would highly recommend this product. The only downside is that it is sold on The Shopping Network in Canada so you have to either order it online or phone it in the old-fashioned way.

MAC Eyeshadow in Too Dolly

I have always loved a pop of blue underneath the eye to add a bit of colour to my look. Unfortunately I don’t have a blue eyeliner (it’s on my list), so therefore I have to fake it with a blue eyeshadow and a eyeliner brush.

The only blue eyeshadow I have is from the MAC Hello Kitty collection in the colour Too Dolly from the Too Dolly four eyeshadow palette. I absolutely love this colour though. It’s like a turquoise greeny-blue that just stands out so beautifully with a neutral eye. I will usually pair this with Urban Decay’s Sin on my lid with Naked on my crease (both colours are from the Naked palette). The hint of blue creates that perfect pop of colour to the look. It’s a basic eye with an edge to it.

ALDO Ellingwood Wedges

I have wanted these wedges ever since I saw them in the spring at ALDO, however, the $75 price tag kept me off buying them.

Fast forward to last week when I was killing time in the mall and I went into ALDO and saw that these bad boys were on sale, but only in yellow. I quickly snatched them and asked for my size but then I was told that they only had them in size 10. I’m pretty sure my heart broke, like it was some sort of sign from the shoe heavens that they weren’t meant to be. I asked if the red ones were on sale and I was told no, however, she could order the yellow in for me. I thought why not, and asked for the red ones in a size 7 so I could see if they would fit. Okay, now here’s the freaky part. While I was waiting for the sales associate to bring me the shoes my flip flop broke! My favourite pair of Haviana flip flops! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!

Anyways, so I tried on the shoes and they fit perfectly, but instead of ordering them through the store, I went home and ordered them online. This way I could have more control over it, plus ALDO has free shipping for a limited time. I also managed to snag an extra 10 per cent off (if you sign up for their email alerts they send you a code for 10 per cent off. It says it’s for regular priced items only but it worked for me). A few days later the shoes were in my hands, or rather, my feet.

These wedges come in four different colours – yellow, red, blue, and beige. I think I liked the beige the best but the yellow is just so fun and adds that pop of colour to any outfit. They are all on sale now online (when I ordered mine only the blue and yellow were on sale), so if you like them I would recommend ordering them soon.

As for the fit, so far they are super comfy. They are synthetic, however, the straps are super soft and comfy and so far, no rubbing! They are super tall, but I find them super easy to walk in. I highly recommend them.


So that is it! Not a ton of things made the cut this month because I am saving my money for Las Vegas this month. What were your favourites from July? Have you tried anything that I mentioned? Leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe!



Get Whipped With Decadent Bubble Baths

So I just got home from a night at the lake and on the way back we stopped in at an arts and crafts show where there were tables of jewelry, paintings, and bath and body stuff.  As for the above photo, no that’s not an actual cupcake (I wish!), it’s actually a bath bomb.  I thought it was so cute I just had to blog about it!

This cheesecake/vanilla smelling wonder is by Whipped Cosmetics, which is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. One bath bomb, which I was told, can last you three baths.  I didn’t necessarily buy it because I’m a big bath person (I never shop at Lush), I bought it because it smelled so damn good!  Even Ziggy tried getting a few licks of it (I licked it, it doesn’t taste like cheesecake FYI).

There are a variety of different companies out there that produce these yummy smelling wonders, Whipped Cosmetics charges $5 CDN per bomb or four for $15 that comes in a cute little tray.

Anyways, I thought this was just too cute to not post.  I’m off to take a bath now!

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Say “Bye Bye!” to Undereyes!


Under eyes got you feeling down?  Can’t conceal those dark circles that just won’t go away?  Well, luckily there is a solution!

A couple of days ago I received the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, a full coverage waterproof concealer with hydro-collagen and vitamins C&K, directly from the company.  It Cosmetics was created by Jamie Kern, a former TV news anchor, Miss Washington USA, and a contestant on the reality show Big Brother. She launched the line in 2008 and it is available through QVC, Beauty.com, Beauty 360, itcosmetics.com and The Shopping Channel in Canada.

I recently heard about It Cosmetics a few weeks ago, mostly from YouTube beauty gurus.  They were raving about the product and how great it worked.  Lucky for me, I don’t have really bad under eye circles right now, so a cheap $3 ELF concealer does the job.  Then I tried this product.

First thing in the morning after I washed my face


After I put on my foundation with the It Cosmetic concealer on top. Yes, I know I look orange here...

This product is pretty amazing, if I shall say so myself.  Like I mentioned, I don’t have bad under eye blemishes or anything but I found this product really brightens up my eyes.  You know when you do your makeup perfect throughout the day and then you come home from work and there is some fall out?  Slap some of this on and voila!  Your eyes are brightened once again.  In fact, when I first tried this out was right before my Group Power class and I found that I was staring at my face in the mirror the entire time.

The product comes in a 0.28 fl.oz tube in four different shades – Light (ultra fair), Neutral Medium (Light Medium), Tan (Medium), and Deep (Dark Tan).  It Cosmetics says that 70 per cent of all skin tones pick the Neutral Medium, which coincidently is the shade I chose as well.

Even this much is too much.

The tube may be small but you don’t need a lot to get results.  The product is quite thick, so I found that I had to squeeze the tube a little harder than I usually would, but literally a small dab is enough for one eye; it covers a large area.  And cover it does.  This stuff, although it says it’s for under eyes, it could be used anywhere that needs a good covering up.  I even read reviews where people used it to cover their tattoos.

According to the press release I received with the product, “the formula was developed, tested and is now used to conceal facial bruising and swelling on the face and body of surgery patients in the offices of some of the leading plastic surgeons in Brazil.”  I should also mention that the product was created by working “hand in hand with the leading plastic surgeons in Brazil”.  Plastic surgeons?  Brazil?  You know it’s good when…

Note the large beauty mark in this before shot.


Beauty mark is virtually unseeable.

I applied this product over my foundation because I’m using a full-coverage foundation at the moment (Joe Fresh Light Weight Foundation in Light 2).  If I would pair it with my Bare Minerals foundation then I think I would apply it underneath because the finish isn’t as heavy on the foundation.

The product retails for $29 CDN ($24 in the U.S.) and is available through The Shopping Channel.  It is a bit pricey for concealer, but I think it’s worth every penny.  It’s rare to come across a product that actually does what it says, and this one does that and more.

Also, don’t forget to enter my Fusion Power Bandz giveaway (ends July 31st!) and my Sally Hansen Salon Effects giveaway!  Oh, and of course, subscribe! 🙂

Please note: I did receive this product for review, however, it did not affect my opinions on it.  All opinions are my honest own :).  This product really does rock.



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