Splash proof: Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Ink Liner and Color Paint

Ah yes, summertime. Hot weather, pool days, time spent at the beach… What does this all have in common? Getting wet.  Sweat, water, etc. etc.

Since racoon eyes are so not cute, usually I’ll reach for waterproof makeup if I feel the need to look extra fine at the pool or if I’m spending lots of time outside. I remember this one day in Thailand at the beginning of the year when it was so unbearable outside and my makeup was running all down my face. It was not cute.

Luckily, Make Up For Ever has released some new Aqua XL products to their lineup to save the day when it comes to wearing makeup poolside.  New to the line are the Aqua XL Color Paint and the Aqua XL Ink Liner.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Colour Paint and Ink Liner

The Aqua XL Color Paints (C$31 each) are a blendable, ultra-pigmented cream shadow with waterproof wear and a 24-hour staying power.  There are 20 shades available, ranging from mattes to iridescent to lustres. They are a cream formula which dry down for waterproof, long-lasting wear. You can wear them as a liner, shadow, or base under the rest of your eye looks.

I received the shade I-80, iridescent pink beige, since I wanted to use this as a base or just to have something on the lids to jazz up my summer look. The colour is a beautiful frosty pink that is on the nude side, making it perfect to complement any colour.  The product comes housed in a squeeze tube with an angled applicator, allowing you to either apply the colour with a brush or with your fingers.  You can either apply it lightly for a slight wash of colour, or go in with a heavier hand for a more noticeable look.

Once you apply these, they do dry down quickly. I have used it for both a base and by itself. When by itself, it did hold up well, however, faded after a few hours. As an eyeshadow base, it held the shadow on top quite nicely.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Colour Paint and Ink Liner close up of applicator

The Aqua XL Ink Liners (C$30) are a waterproof, smudge proof, and long-lasting liquid eyeliner that promises 24-hour staying power, even after a day of swimming. These are available in 15 shades and a variety of different formulas (matte, metallic, diamond, and lustre). The felt-tip allows you to precisely apply the product to your lids.

I got the colour D-60 Diamond Brown since I love wearing brown liquid liners. I find brown to be less harsh (especially for daytime wear) for blue eyes. The colour went on quite nicely after a few strokes, but I find brown colours to be a little more patchy when you apply them in general. The formula dried down on my lids, and although it’s a diamond formula, I didn’t find it to be very sparkly at all. It was a nice finish. The liner itself also isn’t too wet, it applied exactly where I wanted it and it set rather quickly. Although I didn’t try it out for 24 hours, the liner held up very well throughout the day.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Colour Paint Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Ink Liner and Colour Paint

I’ve alway been a huge fan of Make Up For Ever products and their Aqua XL line. They are always the products I reach for when I’m spending the day outside or by the water since I know they will hold up quite well. I know summer is half over (I hate to say it!), but if you have a lot of pool or beach days coming up, I would look into purchasing some of these.  Aside from the neutral shades, the liners and the paints also come in a variety of fun, bright colours like turquoise, lavender, yellow, green, etc.

Will you be picking up any of the new Make Up For Ever Aqua XL products?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Matte about you: L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lipsticks and Lipliners

It’s no secret that I love matte liquid lipstick. Ever since every brand and their dog have been releasing their own formula, that’s pretty much the only lip product I’ve been wearing.

A couple weeks back I got this box from L’Oreal Paris containing their new Colour Riche Matte lipsticks and lipliners. I think we’re all familiar with Colour Riche, however, these new ones are their first matte lipstick collection (crazy, right?).

Available in 16 shades, these are formulated with pure-colour pigments to create intense colour. They also have blurring gels and mattifying ingredients to create a soft focus and matte effect on the lips. Wear is long and colour feels comfortable thanks to the jojoba oil.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte lipsticks exclusive collection with Eva Longoria and Blake Lively L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte lipsticks L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lipliners

I received 12 of the shades (not sure if there are only 12 in Canada or not, the info from earlier was from the U.S. site). Colours range from nudes to pinks, purples, taupes, orange, and reds.  They also have three of the Exclusive Collection shades down in tandem with Eva Longoria (a pink and a red) and Blake Lively (a red). Both ladies are spokespersons for L’Oreal Paris.

In addition to the lipsticks, they also released a collection of matte lipliners to coincide with the lipsticks. Not sure how many there are in the collection, but the shade range on these are awesome. They really do go with the shades of the lipsticks.

I spent all week swatching these bad boys and although they aren’t a liquid lipstick, but rather the traditional formula, they are pretty awesome.  I love the shade range, since there are some classic colours in here, as well as some super fun ones (At the Drop of a Matte and Matte Mandate). You guys know I love nudes, and there is no shortage of them here (or in the lipliners – there’s three different nude shades!).

I was very impressed with the longevity of these lipsticks. The lighter ones didn’t really last that long, but the deeper colours stayed on for most of the work day (I did maybe one touchup, if that). For a red colour to stay on that long, that definitely deserves a mention.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Blake's Red lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte In-Matte-uated With You Lipliner & Eva’s Red Lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Matte in Manhatten lipliner and Matte-ly in Love lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Strike A Matt-ch lipliner and At The Drop of a Matte lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Best Mattes lipliner and Matte Mandate lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Matteing Call Lipliner and Matte-sterpiece lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Mattes It lipliner and He Thinks He’s Matte-cho lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Doesn't Matte-r lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Curiosity Killed the Matte lipliner & Matte-jestic lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Matte-caron L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Matte’s It lipliner and Matte-itude lipstick L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Eva's Pink

I really liked both the lipsticks and liners.  They both applied very creamy, especially the lipliners.  The lighter colours do go on a little sheer, so you may have to pack the colour on.  The deeper ones don’t apply as opaque as a liquid formula, so again, you may want to do a few swipes of colour to get the shade you want. It’s honestly hard picking a favourite since they are all so stunning (even the ones I didn’t think I would like as much – like Eva’s Pink).

Overall I’m very impressed with these and will definitely be incorporating them into my daily rotation (especially the liners since they have such an awesome shade range). I highly recommend you check these out in person if you find them at your local drugstore. They are listed on L’Oreal Paris’ Canada website, so they are probably already in stores.

Will you be picking up any of the new L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte lipsticks or liners?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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Skin matters: Garnier SkinActive Micellar products and Moisture Bomb masks

One thing that everyone needs in their makeup collection is a good makeup remover. I have tried tons of them and usually have found that the best ones out there are the kinds that mix with oil or are micellar waters.

Bioderma started the micellar trend and although I still love their product, my giant bottle that I got in Paris back in 2014 is still sitting in my medicine cabinet half full since I’ve been using different ones from various brands. Almost everyone has gotten on the micellar trend since it’s an amazing way to remove your makeup gently and easily.

Although I just talked about Garnier on Wednesday’s post, they also have some new skincare products that came out recently that have been proving to be amazing. The Micellar Water with Argan Oil is actually the best of both worlds as it’s a micellar solution with argan oil in it (could it possibly by the best makeup remover ever?). It was created to tackle long-wearing makeup since the long-wear formula is so popular right now (you know those matte liquid lipsticks I’m always raving about? Yeah, those are hard to remove). This formula is designed to effectively dissolve waterproof, long-lasting and intense-coloured makeup, as well as get rid of any impurities or dirt. Oh, and it’s also fine to use on sensitive skin.

Garnir SkinActive Micellar makeup remover with argan oil

The idea is to shake the bottle before using the product, as the combination of the two mixed together will help you remove stubborn makeup. Skin is left feeling soft and cleaned.

They also offer the formula in makeup removing wipes as well, which make it easier for travel and just all around general easiness of removing makeup (there’s nothing like wiping your face with a makeup wipe).

I received both of these products, and unfortunately the makeup removing water spilled all over the box, leaving me with a little bit of the product to try out. I do agree that this is a good makeup remover, but I don’t think it’s the best I’ve tried out. I’ve been using L’Oreal’s Micellar Solution and been loving that one. With that being said, keep in mind, I had a tiny bit left in the bottle, so I didn’t really get a fair representation of it.

As for the wipes, those are amazing. I’ve been swatching bold-coloured matte lipsticks all week and one wipe of those things take the colour right off. They smell good and are super gentle on the face as well; no rubbing needed. I highly recommend their wipes, there are 25 in a package and retail for and SRP of C$9.99 (which I feel is a little steep for 25 wipes, but they are amazing).

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb masks

If you are a facemask kinda gal (and really, who isn’t?), Garnier has also released some new masks in their line up. Although I would love to do them more often, I have a bunch of face masks in my collection since I bought a whole ton when I had a stopover in South Korea earlier this year. The Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks are inspired by the leading-edge skincare trend in Asia and are designed to replump, energize, and give you healthy, glowing skin.

There are two formulas to choose from, Super Hydrating Mattifying and Super Hydrating Soothing.  The mattifying mask is designed for normal to combination skin and includes green tea, hyaluronic acid and hydrating serum.  It’s designed to rebalance skin for mattified, purified skin with tighter pores.

The soothing mask contains chamomile, hyaluronic acid, and hydrating serum and is for dry and sensitive skin. It’s supposed to relieve sensations of tightness (after three applications) for intense rehydration and more comfortable skin.

The masks are designed to be worn for for 15 minutes and contains half a bottle of serum. They retails for a SRP of C$3.99 each. I tried the mattifying mask yesterday and was actually quite impressed with the product. Usually when I wear sheet masks, I find the bottom part of them starts to come off after a couple minutes or so. This one stayed on my chin for the whole time and even when I went to take it off, there was still product there (meaning that I could have worn it for way longer than the 15 minutes they recommend). I also noticed you apply these a little different as well. First you put it on your face, then peel off the top layer of film. There is no need to rinse off the formula after you throw away the mask. I already cleansed my face prior to applying it, so I just applied some eye cream and a tiny bit of moisturizer to my face afterwards. My skin felt super hydrated and fresh.

I was surprised about how much I really enjoyed these masks. I do feel like they are bit pricey at $4 for one mask, however, it’s definitely a better quality mask then the ones you buy for five for $10. These aren’t an everyday thing, but something great to wear on a Sunday night when you’re watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians with your girlfriends.

If you’re looking for some new skincare add ons for your existing collection, I highly recommend these products from Garnier, especially the makeup wipes and the masks, they are a must for anyone!

What’s your favourite micellar solution and face mask?

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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