Red & roses: My top picks for Valentine’s Day

My favourite thing about February? Why Valentine’s Day of course!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, even before I had a boyfriend. Since I like to think of myself as a real girl’s girl, I’ve always had a thing for the pink and red romantic holiday. I mean, what’s not to love about celebrating love?!

Whether you’re planning on spending V-Day with your boyfriend/husband/partner, girlfriends, dog, or family, there are so many items that make the cut for gifting this season (or even buying for yourself since you deserve some self love as well!).

Here are my top picks for Valentine’s Day!

Nest Fragrances Rose Noir & Oud

Nest Fragrances Rose Noir & Oud candle and reed diffuser

Okay, so this one is a repeater since I talked about it last Valentine’s Day, but honestly I’ll probably mention this candle and home fragrance every Valentine’s Day since it’s such a romantic and warm scent.

Rose Noir & Oud is a scent that feature rose de mai and a smoky oud with hints of incense, black leather, and patchouli. It’s the perfect blend of feminine and masculine which is sure to please just about anyone. It’s dark but also floral. It’s light but heavy. Seriously, you need to sniff this if you happen to come across it in store since I know you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have.

You can find this fragrance available in a variety of candles, including a votive (C$23), classic candle (C$56), and a three-wick candle (C$90) as well a reed diffuser (C$56) and liquid soap. Nest has also released this candle in a special-edition three-wick design inspired by LA-based art studio MJ Atelier for this year as well.

Miss Dior Roses n Roses perfume

Dior Miss Dior Roses N’Roses perfume

Speaking of fragrance, perfumes are synonymous with Valentine’s Day and my top pick for this year is the Miss Dior Roses N’Roses Eau de Toilette.

This fragrance (available in either 50 ml, C$104; and 100 ml, C$142) is a floral scent with key notes of grasse rose absolue, Italian mandarin, and white musk accord. The perfume comes housed in a beautiful bottle that shows off its pink colour, whereas the crystal is inspired by the brand’s men’s and women’s couture. It features a houndstooth motif engraved into the glass, emulating menswear, whereas the signature Miss Dior bow speaks to the elegant femininity of Dior.

If you are looking to gift a fragrance this season, I really love this one since it’s so pleasant to wear and really spring appropriate as well. It does have a sparkling opening to it before it settles to a floral scent.  Plus it’s Dior, and I mean, who wouldn’t love something Dior?

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood lips Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling

You guys know I love a good nude matte liquid lipstick, so when I got in Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling (C$39), I knew it would be love at first sight.

This lip product is a buildable light-beige nude liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish. This particular lipstick is available in 10 other shades and is weightless on the lips and hydrating, thanks to beeswax in the formula.

The applicator hugs the contours of your lips for an easy and smooth application and the colour glides on opaque with just one swipe.  I try out a lot of matte liquid lipsticks but love the texture and finish of this one (and the wear!). If nude isn’t your jam (it just goes with so many different looks!), they also have a variety of pinks and reds to choose from as well.

Avon Valentine's Day items Avon Strawberry Bubble Bath

Avon Valentine’s Day Collection

If you are a bath person, then you will absolutely love what Avon has in store for you this season.

Starting off with some bubble bath, the Avon Senses Strawberry & Cream Bubble Bath is a sweet-smelling bubble bath that will delight the senses thanks to the scent of juicy strawberries and a dollop of rich cream.  Add some of this delightful serum to your bath water for a delectable smelling bubble bath.

To top it off, sprinkle some of their Love Me, Loves Me A Lot Bath Petals (C$12, on sale for C$10), which includes nine buds that is designed to be separated and added to your bath water for a romantic night in. The pedals actually disintegrate in the water to create a light, silky foam for a luxurious bath.

Avon Love Me, Loves Me A Lot Bath Petals

Out of all the Avon products they sent for Valentine’s Day, these were my favourite since adding rose petals to your bath is such a romantic gesture and these were actually designed to be put in your bath, so they are such a nice touch if you are planning a little me time or a romantic night in (and they actually look like real rose petals).

Finally, for the lipstick lover, gift the ultimate lipstick set with their So Many Kisses Lipstick Tin (C$50). This rose gold lip-shaped tin opens up to 50 mini Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick minis.

Now when I say “mini”, I mean mini since these are very tiny, but the good part is that it includes five of each shade in here (and there’s 10 shades included – Delicate Date, Raspberry Rosé, Black Cherry, Toasted Cashew, Dragonfruit Blush, Brown Sugar, Mellow Melon, Spring Lilac, and Peony Blush). This would be a good Galentine’s Day gift to pick up as well since there are multiples of the same colours, so you and your girlfriends don’t have to fight on who wants what colour.

Avon So Many Kisses Lipstick Tin

If you don’t want to gift flowers this year (which are always so overpriced and die after a week anyways), any of these gift would make great options. Really though, I feel like anything goes with Valentine’s Day and I’m sure that what you gift or get this year you’ll love anyways.

What’s on your wish list for Valentine’s Day this year?

Please note, I received these product for review. All opinions are my own.

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Hydrated, lush lips: Dior Beauty Lip Glow Oil Color Reviver

Give me anything Dior and I’m pretty much guaranteed to love it.

I get excited about a lot of beauty brands, but when a package from Dior Beauty comes in the mail, my heart instantly starts beating faster and my excitement level is through the roof.

I recently got send a bunch of makeup goodies from the brand as part of their spring collection and I have to admit that it was love at first sight (and swatch!). One of their largest releases? The Lip Glow Oil Colour Revivers.

Dior Beauty Lip Glow Oil Color Reviver

The Dior Beauty Lip Glow Oil Colour Revivers (C$45) is the brand’s newest colour-awakening, nourishing glossy oil that provides hydration and mega shine to the lips. Available in six shades, this oil reacts to the moisture level in your lips for a custom colour while providing moisture. The best part about this product is that with regular use you will notice that your lips will feel softer after only five days of wearing it.

Dior sent me four of the six shades to try out, Pink, Raspberry, Rosewood, and Coral, and although each shade looks different in the bottle, they all apply rather sheer with a tint of colour. Truthfully, I saw a minimal difference in all four shades, so I think that whichever you choose to go with should work beautifully on the lips. Again though, these do react with your body’s individual chemistry so the colour will be custom to each person that applies it.

The product is also infused with cherry oil which makes it extra luxurious to wear on the lips and it has a minty-vanilla scent which is very refreshing to apply.

Dior Beauty Lip Glow Oil Color Reviver swatches

Because these are an oil, they do have a slight stickiness to them, similar to a lip gloss, so if you don’t like that texture, then take a look at the Lip Glow Color Reviving Balm (C$45).

I received the balm in their limited-edition Diormania print, which features the Dior logo on the tube, but this works similar to the oils, but in a balm format. These balms have been around for a while and contain wild mango butter to smooth, soften, and hydrate the lips. They work the same way as the oil in that it reacts with your skin to give you a custom colour to match your skin tone.

Dior Beauty Lip Glow Color Reviver

I really love the balm since it’s so comfortable to wear (and the packaging is glamorous as well).  I also love the colour it leaves me with on the lips, as well as the fact that it makes my lips look fuller. Dior also has these in a non-limited-edition which features multiple shades in a satin or shimmer finish.

If you were between the balm or the oil, I would say that it would really depend on what you like in a lip product. They work similar but are two different formulas.  The balm is great for everyday wear, whereas the oil is great for everyday, as well as jazzing up a lipstick to add more moisture and shine to your look (making it great for drying matte liquid lipsticks).

Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

I mean really no matter which formula you pick, you’re left with a hydrating lip product from Dior, so it’s a win-win all around.

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Glam & Glittery: Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow

One of the highlights for me when Marc Jacobs Beauty releases their holiday collection is usually what shades of their See-Quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow they will be releasing.

I’ve received this pressed glitter shadow for the past two years in a row and love how it adds just the right amount of glitter to the lids. So, imagine my excitement when I saw that they recently released a liquid version of this amazing product.

The See-Quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow (C$34) is available in six shades and is a long-wearing liquid glitter eyeshadow that promises to up the ante on any look.

Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow

As much as I love the original version, I didn’t love the fallout that often happened when applying the product. This version makes it easy to minimize fallout since it’s a liquid product that you apply via the doe-foot applicator.  You can either apply this directly onto the lids or use a brush for a more custom effect.

Marc Jacobs Beauty released this product in six different, totally wearable shades ranging from pink to copper to browns to golds.  Since they are all basically neutral tones, it makes it easy to really wear these and adapt them to any eye look. Considering that they have released the original formulas in more bold colours, I’m actually quite surprised that they stuck to neutrals for these, but hey, I’m not complaining. All of these shades are a little more wearable than say a purple or a blue.

Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow with pressed powder Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow wand

The finish on these is glittery, but not as glittery as the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows.  These are give a beautiful sheen and subtle glitter effect, more like a shimmer. Because of that though, I do find these to be a bit more wearable for everyday, rather than just special occasion which is where I usually reserve the Stila versions for.

So if you can’t tell already, I highly recommend these and would definitely say to pick up a shade.  I thought I would have a favourite from the six, but truthfully, all of them are stunning and so wearable that no matter which colour you pick up, you’ll be sure to get tons of wear out of it.

Swatches of Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow

Are you a fan of the original Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter eyeshadows?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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