Sophisticated colour: Lancome L’absolu Rouge Ruby lipsticks

When it comes to lipsticks, there are so many different formulations available nowadays that a traditional lipstick is kinda rare to come across.

When I received last month’s L’Oreal Luxe Box it came with four of Lancome’s L’absolu Rouge Ruby lipsticks (C$42 each). I love anything and everything Lancome, so when I opened them up and took a look, I couldn’t wait to give them a try. I didn’t know anything about these products, but figured they would be similar to lipsticks I have gotten more recently. Would they glide on smoothly? Would they be long wearing and lasting? Would the colour be pigmented?

Lancome L'absolu Rouge lipsticks

Yes to all three, but I was surprised to find that these are just basic lipsticks… with a little twist of course.

The Lancome L’absolu Rouge Ruby lipsticks, available in six shades is a hydrating lipstick that provides all-day wear.  These are part of the L’absolu Rouge lipstick line, which is available in 34 different shades.

The first thing you’ll notice about these lipsticks is how to actually open them.  The lipstick is housed in a click-to-close packaging, where you press a button at the top of the container to release the bottom part.  The lipstick bullet itself is embossed with a beautiful Lancome diamond design, so beautiful that it’s a shame to even apply it.

Once you do apply it though, you’ll notice that the colour goes on very opaque, however, it isn’t that much of a creamy application. I found these lipsticks to be a little harsh and you really have to apply pressure. With that being said, they do go on smoothly and not patchy, you just have to give a little manpower to apply them.

Lancome L'absolu Rouge lipsticks

Once the colour is on (it goes on very opaque with one swipe) it does feel very moisturizing, thanks to the Pro-Xylane, rose flower extract in the formula. I had these on all day and found that I didn’t have to reapply them at all, even through eating and drinking, which is a rarity with normal lipsticks (and especially reds!). The long wear and radiance in the lipsticks is thanks to the Tourmaline ingredient, which helps lips appear more radiant. The colour lasts a long time on the lips, which totally makes up fo the fact that these are a little harsh to apply.

The brand was super nice and sent me four of the size shades to try out, two reds, a pink, and a nude. You guys know me, so obviously the nude was my favourite, but even the reds are very beautiful, and I’m not one to usually wear red (too much maintenance and I’m always worried it’s all over my face).

Lancome L'absolu Rouge lipsticks swatched

Truthfully, for a “normal lipstick” I actually really liked these and love how the attention to detail that Lancome put into these lipsticks. Plus, the super cool packaging to open the product looks and feels so luxurious that the pluses with these lipsticks totally overshadows the one con.

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Big & bold: Bodyography Epic Lash Lengthening & Curling mascara

It’s very rare that I get new mascara that wasn’t sent to me from PR.

Okay, not trying to sound like a snob here but when you get a lot of makeup, you don’t want it to go bad, so there isn’t really a need to buy anything new since I like to actually use up what I have.

A couple of months ago my coworker gave me a new mascara as a thank you present and although I wasn’t going to review it, it’s a brand I’ve never heard of and actually did a pretty great job of giving me nice lashes, so I figured, why not?

Epic Lash Lengthening & Curling mascara Epic Lash Lengthening & Curling mascara wand

The Bodyography Epic Lash Lengthening & Curling mascara is a vegan and cruelty-free mascara that lengthens, volumizes, curls, and conditions lashes to give you the ultimate lifted and curled lash look.  The formula has their Widelash technology which contains Provitamin B5 to nourish lashes, and thanks to the double-sided silicone wand, it really leaves you with defined, long, and dark eyelashes that are very noticeable.

I’ve been using this mascara for months now and really like it. I love how the brush really allows you to coat your lashes from root to tip, and although I don’t believe it has fibres in it, when you remove it it comes off in clumps, similar looking to how a fibre mascara would look. The wear on this mascara is good as it will last you all day with no flaking and smudging and it’s formulated without parabens and gluten.

Epic Lash Lengthening & Curling mascara swatched

It looks like this mascara retails for $20 USD and truthfully I’m not sure where you can find it (although you can order it through Amazon and a few other random beauty websites). I’m not familiar with the Bodyography brand but it kind of reminds me of one of those labels that you can often find in random beauty salons and spas.

If you can find it locally, I would recommend giving it a shot. Considering it’s a brand I have never heard about, it really surprised me and left me with long, defined lashes.

Have you tried Bodyography’s Epic Lash mascara?

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Best face yet: Three new Tula products you need now

If there is one skincare line that I have consistency loved products from, it’s definitely Tula.

Unfortunately, the probiotic skincare line is no longer shipping to Canada, but that doesn’t stop me from still trying out their products (thank goodness for a NYC address!). Last month I was fortunate to actually be in town for the launch of their Rose Glow and Get It Eye Balm and at the end of September they released two other brand-new products, both for those who have acne.

So do you need to try out these items? I can’t say “yes” fast enough, and here’s why…

Tula Glow and Get It Rose Eye Balm

Rose Glow & Get It Eye Balm

I love the original blue Glow & Get It Cooling and Brightening eye balm, which I use religiously every morning, so when I saw they came out with a pink version, I knew I needed it in my life.

This new version of the original bestseller contains the same probiotics and superfoods as the blue version, plus more amazing ones thrown in.  This version contains rosehip oil, which is a plant-based retinol alternative, and hydrating rosewater, leaving your face feeling energized and glowing.

The other ingredients are of course caffeine, aloe, blueberry, and hyaluronic acid, which leaves your undereyes looking fresh, moisturized, and awake.

So which version is right for you? I love that this one, for a few dollars more ($30 for Rose Glow versus $28 for the OG) I would go for this one since it has added retinol (well technically not retinol, but a natural alternative). Honestly though, both formulas are amazing and you can’t really go wrong with either.

Tula Acne Cleanser

Keep it Clear Acne Foam Cleanser

As a follow up to their amazing Clear It Up Acne Clearing and Tone Correcting Gel, they released the Keep It Clear Acne Foam Cleanser ($34). This cleanser contains two per cent salicylic acid that will help clear acne, as well as superfood liquorice which will help to brighten the look of past blemish marks.

Other ingredients include probiotics and tea tree oil to help calm the look of redness and inflammation, as well as ginger to help soothe the skin. Since this cleanser is a foaming one, it’s a nice treat on the skin and really leaves your face looking and feeling its best.

Tula Spot Treatment

Keep It Clear Acne Spot Treatment

I don’t actually have acne, but I will get the occasional breakout and typically I use a spot treatment every night until it’s fully gone. Thankfully, Tula just came out with this exact product, which I can’t wait to put to the test (which is weird to say since I hate getting breakouts).

The Acne Spot Treatment ($20) targets acne and breakouts, as well as calms the look of redness and irritation.  The formula contains star ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, an FDA-approved ingredient to help fight and prevent acne; probiotics and tea tree oil to help calm the look of redness and inflammation, as well as liquorice and niacinamide to help fade marks left from past breakouts.

Best part about this product, compared to other similar ones (I’ve been using an Olay one for years now) is that it goes on clear, meaning that you can use it morning and night since you won’t actually see it once applied.

If you live in the States or are planning on making a trip down soon, I highly recommend picking up these products, especially the eye balm.  Don’t forget, you can score 20% off your Tula order with code SHAYNA at check out.

Do you like Tula products?

Products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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