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#amazefesteurope – Ciao Roma!

My next adventure on my two-week European holiday took me to Italy.  When I was originally planning my vacation, I knew I wanted to do London one weekend and then Paris the next.  I was unsure on where to go in those five days in between.  Amsterdam?  Barcelona?  Rather than go to two countries, I […]

#amazefesteurope – The Generator Hostel London

So in addition to being hit with a little culture shock (the accents), I chose to go completely out of my comfort zone and stay in hostels.  Hostels aren’t really a thing in North America (we have them, but most people choose to stay in hotels), and I’m more of a five-star hotel kind of […]

#amazefesteurope – Ooh la London!

So it’s been a long two weeks because I’ve been across the pond, visiting Europe.  A friend of mine lives just outside London, in Peterborough, UK, so I figured it was a good a time as any to visit jolly ol’ England! Since I get two weeks of holidays at work, and the fact that I’ve […]

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