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Super cute!: Levi’s X Hello Kitty collection

What does Sephora, Herschel, Converse, Puma and Levi’s all have in common? They’ve all done a collection with Hello Kitty! I’ve had a thing for Hello Kitty for years now. I don’t what it is about the cute little cat with no mouth, but whenever a brand comes out with a collab with the popular […]

Prime time: Three primers to add to your collection

Ah yes, primers. The hidden superheroes of our makeup routines. Do primers really work? Do you really need a $40 primer for your makeup to last longer? It may seem like a gimmicky item, but when I don’t wear primers, I can tell there is a difference. Primers go way beyond just making your foundation […]

Palette love: Lancome Monsieur Big Eyeshadow Palette

I always love trying out new eyeshadow palettes. I get excited about a lot of makeup items, but eyeshadow palettes are different. ¬†They feature numerous shades, different themes, and a variety of options to wear it. It’s not like a foundation or lipstick where once you try it you get a good idea of how […]

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