Fresh locks: Hair products you need to start 2019

What are your New Year’s beauty resolutions? Maybe it’s taking better care of your skin, only using clean beauty products, a mask a week, or maintaining healthy hair, although we are a week in, it’s not too late to start making your beauty goals for 2019.

I have a million hair products already but have really been loving a few that have been on heavy rotation lately. Although I was using these at the end of 2018 as well, here at my top choices to start off your 2019.

Design Me Dry Shampoo

Design.Me Quickie Me Dry Shampoo

I’m a huge fan of Design.Me, so when I saw they released a dry shampoo last year, I jumped all over it.

Available in three formulas (dry shampoo for light and blonde tones; dry shampoo for dark and brunette tones; and dry shampoo mousse), this dry shampoo contains a rice starch formula that absorbs, lifts, and styles hair without actually using water.

I try out a lot of dry shampoos and although the stuff it a necessity for every haircare closet, I find that my hair tends to feel grittier when I use the stuff. This one will still leave your hair looking and feeling fresh thanks to the rice starch which absorbs oils and gives you volume. It also has cetrimonium chloride and disiloxane to condition hair and maintain the natural look of your hair tone.

The dry shampoos work like how you are used to, whereas the mousse is really cool to switch up the routine.  In fact, I was kinda impressed with how much I liked this and how it helped combat the look of grease. Best of all, none of the dry shampoos leave that dreaded white film on your hair. They blend in naturally, like there’s nothing even in there.

Joico Blonde Life products

Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil

Since I have blonde hair and blonde extensions, I always need to apply some sort of colour enhancer to keep my hair looking fresh and bright. Lately, for my serum, I’ve been reaching for the Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil (C$27.65), which adds radiance to my hair, as well as nourishing and protecting it.

Add a couple drops to damp hair to brighten up your blonde, as well as tame frizz.  After a blow-dry (or air dry) my hair feels soft and hydrated. It also provides 87 per cent less combing breakage.

Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam

Blondes know that a good purple shampoo will help revitalize tone in hair, so why not add a little purple to your styling products as well?

The Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam (C$25.95) helps tackle brass and leaves hair looking and feeling smooth, soft, and bouncy. Just like a mousse, apply a dollop to your hands and then work it into your hair to instantly tone blonde hair and add bounce and movement.  Best of all, it doesn’t make your hair look or feel greasy or weigh it down. Just apply it before your blow out and after you’re left with incredibly smooth and polished hair.

Cake Wavemaker

Cake The Wavemaker Sugar-Infused Texturing Beach Spray

I’ve actually had this product for a while, but still adore its sugary scent.  Cake’s The Wavemaker (C$14.99) is a texturizing spray that smells like candy.  Typically, texturizing sprays have salt in them, but this one uses sugar, which is a natural humectant which helps preserve moisture. In addition to sugar, this spray also includes aloe vera to smooth and nourish hair, as well as orange peel and tangerine oils to leave hair feeling soft.  What you’re left with is a lightweight formula that helps create that envious beachy waves (without feeling sticky might I add).

I typically use anywhere from three to five different styling products when I wash my hair and these have been in heavy rotation a lot lately.  I know that may seem like a lot, but every product has a different purpose and I love cocktailing products for the best hair treatment I can get.

What are your favourite styling products?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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