A thin line: Mary Kay Cosmetics new brow items

I love trying out brow products since I find they either work great for me or they don’t.

Since I recently ran out of my beloved Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer, I have been on the hunt for something new. Although I would like to keep that item in my collection forever, I’m open to trying out new products since you never know what will blow you away next. Mary Kay Cosmetics recently sent over their new #perfectbrows products, which will be released later this month, and I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Composed to two products, a liner and a tint, both these items, either used together or separately, will fill in your brows and make them look flawless. The brand was kind to send me all the shades, so I quickly went to work to find my perfect colour and have been using them ever since.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Precision Brow Liner

The Precision Brow Liner (C$16) is a retractable, no-sharpening micro-tip liner that defines and fills in the brows. Since the tip is so small, it really allows you to customize your brows with hair-like precision.  Available in five shades, blond, dark blonde, brunette, dark brunette, and black brown, you can find your perfect colour by going a shade lighter than your natural brow hair. I’ve been using the colour brunette, however, dark brunette also works great for me since my brows are so dark.

When I first swatched this liner to begin with I wasn’t impressed with the texture. The Maybelline liner is creamy, so I wanted something similar to that. Once I actually used this on my brows though, I felt that it gave me lots of precision and the colour really did come through when used on the face. My only qualm about this product is the fact that it doesn’t have a spoolie on the other end. I feel that all brow products should have this, but instead Mary Kay recommends their eyebrow/eyeliner brush. I would rather the brand up the price a little more (maybe round it off to an even $20?) and offer the spoolie, as opposed to carrying around another brush; it just isn’t that convenient.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Volumizing Brow Tint

Moving on, the Mary Kay Volumizing Brow Tint (C$16) is a gel similar to Glossier’s Boy Brow or Benefit’s Gimme Brow. The product opens up to the tiniest of spoolies which apply microscopic fibres that cling to your existing brow hairs, giving you the illusion of a thicker brow. Mary Kay says that this life-proof formula has a flexible hold that helps set brows so they won’t budge, no matter that you’re doing.

This product comes in four shades, blonde, dark blonde, brunette, and dark brunette. This time around, I found brunette to be a little too dirty blonde for my brow hairs, so I went with dark brunette.  I really do like this product and find it to be a little more pigmented than its competitors.  It also helps to seal in your brow hairs, so they aren’t budging.

I really do like these new brow products, and as I mentioned, I have used both either together or separately. I like using both at the same time when I’m going out, whereas an everyday makeup look is just suitable for the pencil. The price point on these are also really good, considering that I find that Mary Kay products tend to be on the pricier side of things.

Before and after using Mary Kay Cosmetics Precision Brow Pencil and Volumizing Brow Tint

These brow products are available starting August 16, so I would definitely look into purchasing them if you’re in the market for some new brow items.

What’s your favourite brow product?

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