Perfect imperfections: Lierac stretch mark and cellulite lotions

We all have them. And if you don’t, then you’re incredibly lucky.

I’m talking about stretch marks and cellulite.  Although I do have my fair share of stretch marks on my arms and hips, they don’t bother me that much since they are as a result of losing so much weight (I used to weigh 170 pounds at my heaviest, which for my 5’2 frame, was a lot), so although they are stretch marks, they are because of a good thing. My cellulite on the other hand is really annoying.

As much as shorts are necessary in the summertime, sometimes I just hate wearing them since all my cellulite is there for the whole world to see. I work out everyday, drink lots of water, eat healthy most days, but still the cellulite will not go away.  So when I received Lierac Paris’ Phytolastil Solution Stretch Mark Correction serum and Body Slim Triple Action Body Firming Concentrate, I was super excited to put these to the test.

I’ve used stretch mark serums and cellulite creams before and nothing has worked, and scientifically speaking, you can’t really get rid of stretch marks, you can just make them appear dimmer. In the case of Phytolastil, which is a treatment that you apply morning and night, this helps to prevent stretch marks from developing (for example, through pregnancy). Lierac says that the treatment helps to effectively remove and diminish the appearance of stretch marks on breasts, abs, hips and thighs thanks to its high-performance retexturing botanical extracts. The formula reactivates the synthesis of collagen and increases skin’s elasticity.

Lierac Paris Body Slim and Phytolastil

I have been using this treatment morning and night since I got it and although the brand recommends eight weeks of usage, unfortunately the serum in the bottle doesn’t actually last that long. I think I got maybe three weeks out of a bottle. I had been using it on both my biceps, as well as hips.  I didn’t notice a difference in my hips at all, but did notice that the stretch marks on my biceps looked fainter. I had mixed feelings about this product, which retails for C$60, however there isn’t enough in the bottle to actually use it as directed for eight weeks, especially since you apply it morning and night.  The stretch marks on my hips are a little darker in colour than the ones on my biceps, so I want to say that this will work better with lighter-coloured stretch marks.  With that being said, those stretch marks are still there, so it didn’t remove them completely, it just made them appear a little fainter.

Before and after using Lierac Paris Phytolastil stretch mark corrector

As for the Body Slim Triple Action Body Firming Concentrate, this cream-gel contains a unique complex to help break down fat, firm, and intensely smooth the skin.  Lierac has identified the nerve growth factor, a cell messenger that is able to stimulate cell metabolism in all skin layers by encouraging the breakdown of fat, collagen production, and cell renewal.

You apply this to your trouble areas twice a day morning and night and it’s supposed to help reduce the look of visible signs of cellulite, as well as smooth, hydrate, and beautify skin. Lierac says that after 14 days, dimpled skin is supposed to look up to 31 per cent smoother, skin feels firmer, and there should be a skin reduction.

I’ve been using this the same amount of time as the stretch mark treatment and I have to say that I have not noticed a difference. I have been religiously using this on my thighs (inner and outer), as well as bum, and my cellulite has not diminished. You can definitely feel the product on your skin as there is a slight tingling sensation thanks to the energizing orange active cream-gel texture, which feels nice, but has not done much for my thighs. I also want to note that although the brand says that it has a non-sticky texture, meaning that you can dress afterwards, you may want to skip out on wearing something tight as I did find it hard to pull on tight pants, and it leaves a white residue on your clothing if it comes in touch with your skin.

The Body Slim Triple Action Body Firming Concentrate also retails for $60 and I’m at the end of my bottle right now. Although I was happy to try it out (I’ll do anything to get rid of cellulite), I wasn’t that pleased with the results. It did leave my skin feeling soft though, so there’s a plus there.

I had my reservations prior to trying both products, and although I love Lierac as a brand, I have to say that these just did not perform the way I hoped they would. The Phytolastil stretch mark corrector did surprise me a little bit since it did diminish the marks on my biceps, but if you are worried about getting stretch marks, then definitely give this a try since I think it will help prevent stretch marks before they happen.

Have you tried any anti-cellulite or stretch mark products before? What did you think?

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