In the flesh: Too Faced Cosmetics It Just Comes Naturally collection

So Monday I chatted about the new Natural Nudes lipsticks that are part of the Too Faced It Just Comes Naturally collection, and since it’s Friday, it’s the perfect time to talk about the rest of the collection.

This all-natural collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes, a face palette, bronzers, and the lipsticks.  Some of the items in here are re-releases in updated packaging and others are brand new for this line. I received all the items except two of the bronzers and the matte eyeshadow palette, and I have to say that this line is quite stellar.

When I first saw the items in here, I wasn’t too impressed since it’s all neutral shades. I mean, it’s cute but it’s not as exciting as their Life is a Festival collection that they previously just released. But then I started using the items and realized that everything is totally wearable and perfect for everyday makeup, as well as travel.

Too Faced It Just Comes Naturally collection palettes

The Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Palette is a revamp of their Natural Eyes palette, which is also now infused with their exclusive coconut butter-infused formula for a creamier finish and comfortable wear. You get nine shadows in here, four mattes, two pearls, and three sparkles. The palette is split up into essentially three looks that you can mix and match, with three large base colours and then accents and crease colours.  This is a basic palette, but super wearable since all the shades are nudes, meaning that it can easily transition from day to night. This retails for C$48 and is a definite must if you love neutral eyeshadows.

Too Faced has also released a similar palette but in all nudes.  The Natural Matte palette (C$48) offers up close shades to its sister palette, all with the same coconut butter-infused formula. This palette also differs from its predecessor in that it has seven new shades as well.

 Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Palette Too Faced Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette

For the face, Too Faced has released an amazing highlight, blush, and bronzing palette that everyone needs in their collection. The Natural Face palette opens up to two highlighters, two blushes, and two bronzing veils. The soft formula is also infused with the same hydrating coconut butter and since there is a variety of shades in here, it’s perfect for all skin tones.  This retails for C$54 and I have been wearing it nonstop since it is a one-stop shop for the face.  Because of that, it’s perfect for travel since you just need to bring this one palette instead multiple smaller items.  I absolutely adore this and cannot recommend it enough. The packaging on it is the same as the eyeshadow palettes and look beautiful displayed on a vanity as well. Each shade also goes on smoothly and blends out like a dream. Pick this up, you will not regret it.

Finally, if you’re looking for just a bronzer, Too Faced is known for their Chocolate Soleil bronzers and they have just redid them for this collection.  Available in three shades, Chocolate Matte, Dark Chocolate Matte, and Milk Chocolate Matte, there is a shade for every skin tone in here. Create a beautiful tanned glow with dimension thanks to these bronzers that are infused with 100 per cent real cocoa powder that smells like chocolate and delivers a long-wearing bronze look.  Too Faced has also rereleased the Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer, which has a slight pink undertone in the dual-shade palette that mimics the flush of a real tan.

Too Faced Natural Face palette

Too Faced sent me two of the bronzers, Chocolate Matte, which is a universal bronzer, as well as Milk Chocolate, which is for lighter skin tones. Since I am quite pale at the moment, I’ve been reaching for Milk Chocolate Matte, which gives me a nice contour without looking fake. Once the weather starts getting warmer here and it actually feels like spring (so I can sit out an get some sun on this skin), I’m going to switch over. Honestly, though, these bronzers are amazing, but I’ve been using the bronzer in the Natural Face palette for the past week since I like how it has everything in it, meaning I don’t need to switch between products to do my contour, blush, and highlight.

Too Faced Chocolate bronzer and Milk Chocolate bronzer

Like I said, at first glance this collection may seem boring (compared to their Life is a Festival collection), but it’s incredibly wearable. I have so many palettes in my collection that are stunning to look at, but a little bold for everyday wear. I definitely recommend the face palette and the eyeshadow palette (if you don’t already have a million neutral eyeshadow palettes already), as these are staples to have in anyone’s collection.

Will you be picking up any items from the It Just Comes Naturally collection?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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