Power shopper: Skip the international shipping charges with Qwintry

I absolutely love being Canadian.

From our lush landscape to our fresh air and free country, there are definitely a lot of perks to being a “canuck”. When it comes to shopping though, although we do have a lot of American retailers here in our home and native land, sometimes I want items that just aren’t able to ship up north, or charge an extravagant shipping fee (Target, anyone? #RIPTargetCanada).

I’ve never tried out a mail-forwarding service before, but when Qwintry got in touch with me to see how well their services are, I couldn’t say no. Since the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette is so coveted and one of the most hyped-over items from last year, I quickly placed it in my cart and instead of paying the $15.95 USD shipping, I shipped it to Qwintry’s warehouse in Delaware (which is a tax-free state, might I add. Total score).

Qwintry mail forwarding service

When I was in LA last April I made sure to stop by the Morphe store since their products are so affordable and great quality. Same goes for a lot of other “Youtuber-hyped” makeup brands, such as Kylie Cosmetics, ColourPop, Dose of Color, etc.  The Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette features 35 eyeshadows in matte and shimmer formulas that run the gamut on colour selection. Thinking neutrals? Pinks? Bold colours? They’re all in there.

Thee has been so much hype over this palette when it was first released, and after playing around with it, I can definitely see what the fuss was all about. Although I haven’t tried all the shades yet, the ones I have tried offer up amazing pigmentation that is soft to the touch and incredibly blendable. I know Jaclyn was going on and on about this palette when it first launched and how it took two years to do since she wanted the formula to be perfect, and I have to say, it’s damn good. This palette retails for $35 USD and is unfortunately only sold through Morphe or Ulta, so finding it here in Canada isn’t going to be an option (Showcase sells some Morphe products, but not this particular palette).

We’ve all been there. We find some cute items that are such a deal and then go check out and find out the shipping to Canada is ridiculously expensive (sometimes more than the actual item itself). If you’ve never used a mail-forwarding service before, with Qwintry, you ship your packages to their warehouse in Delaware (again, which is a tax-free state, so you’re paying less than you would anyways if you shipped to Canada), then they receive it, repackage it, and send it to your address. Once they receive the box, you just pay the shipping on the parcel from their warehouse to your destination.

The only downside with using their services is that you are waiting a little longer for your package to arrive (depending on the company that is. I’ve waited weeks before for packages from the U.S.). They receive it first then reship it. Of course though, you’re saving on the shipping charges in most cases, so it’s totally worth it to me to ship it through them (again, tax-free state though, which comes in handy if you are buying an expensive item, like a designer bag or something).

Qwintry mail-forwarding service

All in all, the Morphe palette came in about two weeks and I was very happy with how seamless the process was. Since this particular product featured eyeshadows, which sometimes tend to break in transport, thankful it came all in one piece since they repackaged it so well.  Qwintry was very reliable in terms of giving me updates on the status of my order and if I’m ordering multiple things from different retailers in the U.S. I would definitely use their services to consolidate the packages together and save on the shipping.

Check them out online at qwintry.com.

Have you used a mail-forwarding service before?

Please note, Qwintry offered their services to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. They are also offering 7% off your first delivery, click here to check them out.

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