Wispy wink: Kiss Blowout Lashes

Over the past few months my false lash collection has gotten a major upgrade.

Not sure what’s in the water, but it seems like a ton of brands are coming out with new false lashes.  From synthetic to mink to magnetic, there are so many wonderful options right now if you are looking to beef up your false lash collection.

When I was in Toronto a month ago I ended up going to Kiss’ Oscar party where we got to play around with the new Blowout lash collection.  These lashes, which came out recently, utilize an advanced technology to deliver a naturally wispy-looking lash with full volume and curl.

Kiss Blowout lashes in Pageboy

Since the wispy style is so popular right now, and very wearable, I was very excited to try these out.  They come in four different styles, Beehive (long with depth and definition), Pixie (long, more natural), Pageboy (fanned-out, flirty), and Pompadour (length, volume, and dense lashes). Each set retails for an SRP of C$6.97 and are available at drugstores.

So what makes a lash wispy? Well, these in particular feature a volumizing back-teasing technology where the hair goes through a salon-like treatment of being washed, treated, and dried, and the cuticles are expanded from the inside out. As a result, a unique crisscross wispy pattern is left.

Each lash features volume and curl and they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. The really nice thing about these are that they have flared out ends, so your eyes have a nice lift to them.The lashes are very lightweight and comfortable, and paired with the Kiss Lash Adhesive, they stay on quite well.

Kiss Blowout lashes in Pompadour

I’ve worn the style Beehive a couple times and although you can definitely tell you’re wearing lashes, they aren’t as dramatic as others in my collection. I like this particular style since I do find them to be a good traditional wispy lash. This style has clusters of lashes on the strips so they blend in beautifully with your natural lashes. Out of the four, I definitely like Beehive the most since they are very subtle, but still work nicely with your real eyelashes.

So do I like them better than the Ever EZ style? The thing I love about the Ever EZ is that it’s a very subtle lash, so it’s not too dramatic.  The styles in the Blowout line are a little more fuller than the Ever EZ ones, so if you are looking for something mid-range, then this collection is for you.

Before and after using Kiss Blowout lashes in Beehive

Will you be picking up a pair of the Kiss Blowout lashes? What style interests you?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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