Essentials: Summer beauty picks from Rexall

I often like to peruse drugstores on my lunch hour. One, it’s a nice way to get my steps in, and two, I love seeing what’s new from all the different brands. Here in Manitoba, there are a few different stores that seem to rule the marketplace, but one that I actually rarely ever go to is Rexall.

About a month ago, their PR team reached out to me to try out some of their products, and since I don’t usually shop there that often, I was excited to see what they have in store. Here’s the thing about Rexall, there are some big ones here that have most prestige brands like The Balm, NYX, and more, but then there are the smaller ones that have your basic beauty brands that are available everywhere. We don’t have that many Rexall locations, and when I usually run into a Rexall, it’s usually one of those smaller stores and I stick to the essentials.

Summer beauty essentials from Be. Better at Rexall

Here’s the thing though, Rexall has their own line of products, something that totally makes sense for a drugstore to have, but I totally didn’t know they did this. Although they did gift me with a gift card, I was actually digging some of the Rexall Be. Better line products, their in-house line of cosmetics.

As part of their summer proof beauty tips, they sent me an abundance of items perfect for the heat and sun, something I totally need this summer since I’ll be travelling a lot. First off is a staple, and not really a beauty item (although it’s good for your skin), their Hydrate Artesian Water, which is a good reminder to keep hydrated often. I workout a lot, so drinking lots of water is super important (not to mention it’s smart to always drink water when out in the sun). Speaking of the sun, I was super pumped to get the SPF 30 Sunscreen Sport and General Protection Lotions, since these come in a travel-friendly bottle, making it perfect to toss in your carryon or your purse.

Sunscreens from Be. Better at Rexall

I apply a moisturizer both morning and night, two different ones actually. For the day, I’ll usually wear one with a sunscreen or skin-conditioning benefits. They sent over the Argan Oil Day Cream, which preps your skin for your day ahead. It’s also lightweight and contains hyaluronic acid, which is commonly found in most moisturizers. For both morning and night, I do apply a serum, and their Argan Oil Serum is great to boost skin’s radiance, whether you’re just waking up or heading to bed.

Finally, after a day in the sun, it’s super important to moisturize your skin, I love applying a thick body butter so my skin is properly nourished at the end of the day. I usually reach for a body butter from The Body Shop, but I’m totally digging their Coconut Oil Body Butter, which is perfect for keeping your skin nourished after a long day out in the heat or by the pool (or the Vegas heat).

Unfortunately, they didn’t send me the prices for these products, but since it’s their in-house line, I’m assuming they are all super affordable. Also, when I checked out Rexall in store, I noticed they had a number of beauty tools as part of their Kit line, which I’m totally planning on picking up as well (i’m a sucker for cute packaging, plus who doesn’t need cotton pads to wash everything off or for toner?).

Lotions from Be. Better at Rexall

Like I said, depending on which location you visit, their bigger stores have some cosmetic lines like The Balm which are harder to find here in Canada. I’ll definitely be stopping by more often to see what goodies they have in store (plus they have Air Miles, always a win in my books).

Do you shop at Rexall for beauty products?

Please note, I was sent this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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