Smooth and sculpted: Toning lotions from Nip + Fab and Rodial

Summer naturally means showing off a lot of skin. Although I’m kinda a workout-aholic any time of the year, I take it more seriously in the summer months since I’m showing off more skin due to the hot weather.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has their problem areas. Even if you think someone has the perfect body, I’m sure they could tell you something about it they don’t like. For me it’s my arms and legs. Since I’m short and teach a muscle-strengthening class, my thighs aren’t exactly as thin as I would like them to be. My thighs are bulky, and yes, like a lot of people, I have some cellulite on them. As for my arms, I prefer to keep them covered up. They are also quite strong, but I wish they looked more toned.

Okay, so this post isn’t a pity party about my body, since I am quite confident in it and although I may find faults with it, I bet most people look at me and see nothing wrong. Anyways, today’s post is on some lotions that I touched on in my Wednesday round up post, and are totally appropriate for summer.

Nip + Fab Body Fix and Rodial Super Fit Tummy Tuck

I chatted about the Rodial Super Fit Tummy Tuck 150 ml product, something I have been using for the past few months on my stomach, but originally when their PR reached out to me they also mentioned the Nip + Fab lotions are well, which are the more affordable sister brand to Rodial.

The trendy British brand (who formerly had Kylie Jenner as their spokesperson) offers up the Hi-Tech Bodycare, which not only moisturize, but are designed to sculpt, refine and tone. There’s the Cellulite Fix, the 365 Body Glow Fix, the Bust Fix, Tummy Fix, Upper Arm Fix, Body Slim Fix, and more.

Since I also received a couple of the Rodial products (which I’ll get into in a second here), I asked to try out the Nip+Fab Body Slim Fix by Nip+Fab and the Nip + Fab Upper Arm Fix (100ml). The Body Slim Fix is designed to firm and tone the body through a two-in-one fitness formula which hydrates and tones the skin. It contains Unislim, which helps sculpt and refine body contours; cocoa butter, which soften and smoothes; and caffeine extract, which helps to improve skin tone and texture. The daily toning moisturizer is said to improve the appearance of your body contours for a firmer, slimmer appearance. You’re supposed to apply it after a workout or after a hot shower.

I’ve been applying this product on my legs, concentrating on my thighs, almost every night. I don’t bother applying it after a workout since I’ll be showering shortly after anyways. Have I noticed a difference? Yes, but I think that could just be my diet for the week. Less sodium and sugar usually tends to give me a more toned appearance in general. This product in particular applies as a cream moisturizer, as opposed to a gel, which is the formula for the other ones I’ll be talking about. My skin does feel nourished though. Since this is a drugstore product, you can probably find it for under $20, which for a moisturizer isn’t bad, especially one billed to reduce cellulite and give you a thinner appearance.

The other Nip + Fab product I tried out was the Upper Arm Fix, which I also got in the Rodial formula. I tried out both products on different arms to see if there was a difference between the two. The Nip + Fab Upper Arm Fix smooths and firms upper arms through a combination of active ingredients to stimulate circulation, promote the breakdowns of fats, and increase skin smoothness. It helps to define the appearance of the upper arm area, improves skin texture, and helps to tone the arm. The formula contains blue lotus flower (improves tonicity), active caffeine (promotes elasticity), cactus extract (retextures and exfoliates).

Rodial Super Fit Upper Arm Fix and Nip + Fab Upper Arm Fix

The Rodial Super Fit Arm Sculpt 100 ml is a similar formula which is billed to retexture, firm, and define the look of the upper arm area. It contains bodyfit (decreases fatty deposits and water retention), skin tightener (contains wheat protein, which tightens and smoothes the skin), fruit acids (work to weaken the bonds that hold dead skin cells together to help with exfoliation), and pomegranate extract (anti-aging and protecting). After regular use, this gel formula is supposed to make upper arms look more firm and sculpted.

As I mentioned, I used both formulas on each arm. Did I notice a difference between the two products? No. Did I notice a difference in my arms? Kind of. I do feel like my arms look a little more toned. But again, that could just be due to exercise and healthy eating, thus making me look less bloated. They are both a gel formula, but the price difference is astonishing. The Rodial version at Shoppers Beauty Boutique is C$62, whereas the Nip + Fab version you can probably find for under C$20. Although they both feel the same on skin (a little tightening), the Rodial version does offer more expensive ingredients.

Lastly is the Rodial Super Fit Tummy Tuck 150 ml, which I already covered in my last post. In case you didn’t read it though, the gel product is a concentrated skin-firming lotion for the stomach area that helps to improve skin tone and elasticity. The formula includes Gemmoslim, which assists with the breakdown of body fat and reduces the size of fat-storing cells; tensile wheat protein, which smoothes and decreases the appearance of imperfections; and laracare, which improves skin hydration.

I didn’t necessarily notice a huge difference using this. I do find I look slimmer, but again, I’ve been changing up my exercise routine, so that’s where the toned appearance could be coming from.

Overall, I really like the idea of these creams. Did they really work? It’s hard to tell what was due to exercise and healthy eating as opposed to regular use of these lotions. If you can find the Nip + Fab ones, I would try those out first since they are more affordable and if you find results with those, look into the more expensive Rodial ones. If you already have a diet and exercise plan, then I think it would be a good idea to throw these in the mix as well, every little bit helps!

Have you tried out any firming creams before?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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