Overworked: Three skincare products you need for stressed-out skin

Between my full-time job, being a blogger on the side, and working out everyday (sometimes twice a day AND I teach classes), there isn’t much time at the end of the day for me-time. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy, but it’s nice to just chill at the end of the day with a snack and some Netflix (who else is obsessed with 13 Reasons Why right now?).

I take great pride in taking care of my skin, but since the weather is changing and my schedule is getting busier, I’ve been finding more breakouts on the lower part of my face. Because of that, I’ve had to switch up my routine a bit and incorporate more heavy-duty products to really nourish my skin and keep it in check.

I get skincare products all the time and it’s rather hard to blog about them because it’s not like something that you can try once then write about. There are three products that have recently landed on my desk and are amazing for stressed out, overworked skin. Two of them are from Asian skincare brand For Beloved One, a renowned cosmeceutical line from Taiwan, and one is from Estee Lauder, which I always trust when it comes to amazing skincare.

Advanced Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalene Moisturizing Cream and Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalane Bio-Cellulose Mask

For Beloved One Advanced Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalene Moisturizing Cream, C$99

I know what you’re thinking, I’m only 28 (29 next month) and I’m already using an anti-aging cream.  These creams are kinda like getting Botox when you don’t have wrinkles, it’s all preventative. If I use an anti-aging cream early then it will help my skin from showing the signs of aging later on.

This cream provides skin with concentrated energy needed throughout the night. The key ingredients, Ceramide and Squalane are the miracle workers here. Ceramide smoothes the skin’s outermost layer while also enhancing its self-defence ability for an ageless, youthful look, whereas Squalane provides additional nourishment for a supple and firm appearance. The cream also has Vitamin E and natural oat kernel extract damage and regenerates skin for a flawless and luminous complexion.

For Beloved One Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalane Bio-Cellulose Mask, C$62.99

This mask pack (which contains three masks) contains the finest fibres in nature and is infused with ceramide and squalane to replenish skin nutrition that is lost with age. It also contains Matrixyl 3000, which penetrates the dermis to restore firmness and plumpness from the inside out.

I was excited to try this product the most since Asian skincare lines are known for their face masks. This product is on the pricey side, $62.99 for three masks, so I would highly recommend using these for special occasions. With that being said, you can definitely tell these are not your five for $10 kind of face masks. The masks are quite thicker than a typical facemask and definitely pack more power with the amount of serum in here.

Will one use make you look younger? Probably not, but combined with the cream, it could maximize the benefits.

Since For Beloved One is an Asian skincare line, you can find it at T&T supermarkets or online at YesStyle.ca.

Both these products, as well as a few other items from this collection, will be available in early May. The line is designed to repair the skin’s outermost layer and rejuvenate the skin to restore its natural and youthful resilience.

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Power Eye Gelee

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Power Eye Gelee, C$68

The last product is an eye cream, something I use morning and night. I feel like the first signs of aging you can notice in someone’s face are the skin around the eye area. Eyes tell a lot about a person, and if the skin around them is sagging, discoloured, tired looking, etc., well then you can probably gather a lot about that individual.

The Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Power Eye Gelee (seriously beauty brands, why do you always have to give such long names?) is a multi-action fatigue-fighting eye treatment that helps the skin around the eye area feel firmer and look more radiant and nourished. It also helps to improve skin’s visible firmness and reduce the look of lines, wrinkles and puffiness, and brightens the look of dark circles.

You apply the product through the use of the golden-tipped cooling massage applicator which helps to boost microcirculation and reinvigorate the eye area. The serum contains a mix of powerful energy boosters, including Sea Lavender flower extract, which promotes natural cellular energy. 

An eye cream morning and night is a must for your skin, so I recommend investing in a good quality one to help protect the sensitive skin around your eye area. You can tell a lot by a person’s eyes!

As a blogger I have come across many new favourite skincare products and I love trying out new stuff as well. Although certain products definitely stick out in my mind as being phenomenal, it’s also so fun to try out something new to see how it will affect my skin. As long as it doesn’t break me out, I’m good!

Let me know what skincare products are your go-tos for stressed-out skin!

Please note, products received by PR. All opinions are my own.

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