His and hers: Go more handheld with the Clarisonic Mia Fit and Alpha Fit

title I’ve been using Clarisonics for about five years now.

My first Clarisonic I picked up around the holiday times with a Sephora gift card and it was a lilac-coloured Mia.  After about two years the battery wasn’t holding its charge anymore so I invested in the Mia 2 since it had a two-year warranty and more advanced features (which I’m not going to lie, I don’t really use, I mostly bought this model for the extended warranty).

Clarisonic is known as the best skincare device on the market. If you’re a beauty buff, you probably already own one, and if you’re not, they are recommended by dermatologists for their skincare benefits. In case you aren’t familiar with the benefits of the Clarisonic, it cleanses six-times better than hands alone. The micro-massage motion oscillates at more than 300 movements per second, getting rid of impurities trapped within pores. In addition, it also lets skincare products deeply absorb into your skin better and it’s safe and gentle for most skin types.

I’ve been a Clarisonic lover for a number of years now and although I do use my Foreo Luna most nights, I have gone back to my Clarisonic Mia 2 for a deeper cleanse. There really is nothing like it.


Anyways, this brings me to today’s post when I got to try out one of their newest devices, the Mia Fit. The Mia Fit is just the its Mia sisters, but instead it’s missing the handle. This little girl (and boy! but more on that later…) is handheld, meaning it’s more travel-friendly and takes up less room on your bathroom counter. Like the Mia 2, it has two settings for a delicate and powerful cleanse. It differs from its predecessors in price and design.  Like all Clarisonic’s it’s also waterproof.

The Mia Fit is charged via a cradle powered by a USB (it also includes the adaptor to plug in). So unlike the traditional Mias, where you need to charge it every few days (and then run the risk of using it and it being dead – me on so many occasions), you just place the Mia Fit on the cradle when you’re done washing and it’ll always be ready to go. The Mia Fit is also available in three colours – white, pink and blue, whereas the Mia Fit 2 is often released in special-edition colours and designs (mine is lime green). Lastly, in terms of price, the Fit does retail on the higher end at C$229 (Mia is C$159 and Mia 2 is C$199). The Fit also comes with a trial size of the Clarisonic cleanser (which the other devices have also), as well as the Radiance Brush Head.

In terms of use, it works the same way as the other Mias. Wet the brush head, put some cleanser on the brush then turn it on. It will beep or vibrate when it’s time to move onto the next zone on your face (20 seconds across the forehead, 20 seconds on nose and chin,10 seconds on each cheek, and 20 seconds across the neck). After, dry your face and then carry on with the rest of your skincare routine.


So how does this device differ from the other ones? Well, the biggest difference I can see is the aesthetic and the settings. I have normal skin, so I don’t really need two speeds, but if you suffer from skin issues, having that delicate setting could really help.  You should replace your brush heads every three months just so you aren’t putting bacteria back into your skin (which is a downside for me for the Clarisonics – they can add up to be pretty expensive), so really it doesn’t matter which device you get, they all fit (no pun intended).

The biggest difference so far for me is actually the Mia Fit’s boyfriend, the Alpha Fit. From what I gather, this is the first Clarisonic designed just for men. Again, it features two speeds, one for clean-shaven faces (60 seconds) and one for power cleansing for beards or more cleansing power post workout (80 seconds). The device comes with the Daily Cleanse Brush Head to remove sebum and surface-level pigmentation for healthier-looking skin. It also includes a deluxe sample of the foaming gel Alpha Cleanser.

Now although this device is for men, that’s not to say that ladies can’t use it. In fact, if you look it up on Sephora’s website, there’s tons of reviews by women who have chosen to purchase the Alpha over the Mia. If you do choose to go with the Alpha and you’re female I would recommend the first setting since it’s 60 seconds, similar to the Mia. You may also want to switch out the brush head for a more delicate one so you don’t irritate your skin.


Overall, I’m quite impressed by the fit devices. Although there’s more of difference with the Alpha model (since this is targeted specifically for men), the Mia Fit is a nice update to the family. It’s also more of a current-looking model that the other ones with the handle.  According to Janine from Beauty Geeks, this was the original shape that the founder of Clarisonic wanted, however, when they launched they couldn’t do it because of the technology needed to be put into the device.

Now since it is the holidays, I mean who wouldn’t want to unwrap one of these.  You can find Clarisonic basically anywhere – Sephora, Hudsons Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, dermatologists offices, etc. Now the question is, is the fit a fit for you? 😛

Do you own the Clarisonic Mia Fit or Alpha Fit? What’s your opinion?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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