All-purpose: BITE Beauty Multisticks for eyes, lips, and cheeks


Multi-purpose products. As someone who loves getting a great deal, I always enjoy when beauty products perform multiple uses.  My desert island product has always been Rosebud Salve, since the petroleum jelly-like product is amazing for dry lips, mosquito bites, burns, pimples, dry skin, and more. I love having one product that does it all.

If you aren’t familiar yet with Bite Beauty, this Canadian brand available at Sephora, is known for their good-for-you ingredients. You can literally eat their lipsticks since there are no chemicals in the formula. Expanding on their highly popular lipsticks (I reviewed their Amuse Bouche lipsticks earlier this year), they have recently released a product called the Multistick, a cream product for lips, eyes, and cheeks.


Available in 18 shades, the Multistick applies like a cream but wears like a powder. You apply the product, which comes in the same velvet packaging as their lipsticks, either straight from the tube or using a brush or your fingers. The silicone-free formula has 35 per cent powder in each bullet and it creates soft colour that’s blendable, breathable, and buildable.

There’s a wide range of colours, everything from nudes to pinks to violets to browns, so they really do target all skin colours and all uses. Bite Beauty was so kind and sent me all the shades, and although some are definitely more workable than others for my skintone, since they are targeted towards multiple uses, any shade can be workable. My favourites are the lighter shades, like Blondie (a peachy nude), Papaya (rose pink), Gelato (lilac), Brioche (plum brown), Lotus (baby pink), Creme Caramel (orange nude), and Praline (burnt orange), however, I found the darker shades still amazing for different uses.

The lighter ones I mentioned above I used for all three uses, eyes (either on their own or as a base), lips, or cheeks. Since all the colours blend out so amazing, you can use really any shade for the cheeks, even if you are super pale like me (just make sure to apply a little bit and blend!). I also have used some of the darker shades as eyeshadow in my crease; I would just apply the colour with my MAC 217 brush. Considering they are technically creams, they really do blend out to a powder formula.

swatched looks-2 look-1

If you are a fan of Bite’s Amuse Bouche lipsticks, I would definitely look into these as well. Even if you’re not, the fact that this product can be used for eyes, cheeks, and lips is amazing and would definitely be something I would recommend to add to your collection.  At C$28 a pop, they are a bit expensive, however, you’ll be getting a lot of wear with these (they are perfect for travel!).

I will note though that these are a bit thicker than a typical lipstick, so if you are buying one for that purpose, it may take some getting used to. They are very long lasting whether you apply them on your eyes, lips or cheeks.

Have you tried Bite Beauty’s Multistick yet? What were your thoughts?

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