Black & white: Elizabeth & James Nirvana fragrance collection


I still remember the first time I smelled Nirvana Black.

It was given to me at the checkouts in Sephora; just one of those little spray bottles that they often toss in your bag. I receive a million of those and very rarely do I ever run out to buy the scent because I love it so much (it’s really only happened with Viva La Juicy). But then I tried it and soon had to ration it because I loved it so much.

Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana Black is one of those scents where once you spray it, you need it in your life.  In fact, two of my friends soon purchased it after they gave it a whiff; it’s that good. So naturally I picked it up during a VIB sale since I got 20 per cent off it.

That was about a year ago. Since that time, MK+A has since released other Nirvana products to add to the collection. And obviously, I just need every single one of them.

I’ve since built up my collection of Nirvana products since the time I bought the fragrance.  Although I only own Nirvana Black in the actual eau de toilette, I have a few of the Nirvana White products as well.

If you can’t just settle for the eau de toilette, here are other ways you can wear it…


Pure Perfume Oil

Looking for something more subtle?  This concentrated pure perfume oil is applied via the use of a dropper. Apply this to pulse points and experience how the product naturally seeps into the skin to harmonize with your body chemistry. The perfume oil also promotes hydration and radiance, with an alcohol-free formula, thus making it more natural for your skin.

If you are a fan of both scents, you can also mix and match them together for a completely different scent.  Best of all, these retail for way less than the eau de toilette (although you get considerably less product) at C$42 for 0.47 ounces.  Still though, it’s a great way to experience Nirvana.

Dropper Lotion and oils

Nirvana Body Oils

I believe this is new for the season, but if you are looking for a different kind of oil format and something more subtle, the body oil is enriched with argan, soybean, and moringa oils to replenish skin, leaving it silky and radiant. Massage into dry or damp skin for a subtle scent of Nirvana.

Nirvana White and Black Body Oils retail for C$72 each for 3.4 ounces. I’ve also used both the perfume oils and body oils in my hair as well (lightly run it through) to make my locks smell like Nirvana as well, and it’s a nice way to also incorporate the scent.

Nirvana Hand Cream

I feel like body lotions are typical additions to any scent line, so it’s a no-brainer that they came out with a hand cream that you can just toss in your bag and go. These lotions are enriched with aloe and vitamin E and are extremely lightweight.  They hydrate and protect skin, and best of all, is not greasy.

Retails for C$18 for 1.7 ounces.

If you can’t tell, I’m kinda obsessed with Nirvana.  Although I’ve always been a huge fan (read: obsessed) of Nirvana Black, there’s always a time and place for Nirvana White as well. I often wear Nirvana Black on a weekend night with the girls or on a date night. It’s just so sexy and sultry.

If by chance you need more ways to wear it, they also offer a dry shampoo (I CANNOT wait to get my hands – and hair – on this), a rollerball and a perfume solid. Because, you know, you can never get enough Nirvana.

What’s your favourite way to wear Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana?

Please note, I was sent the oils and hand cream by PR.  I bought the perfume with my own money because I am that obsessed with it.

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