#FirstWorldProblems: The Zipper Pull by Ms. Dress Up Inc.

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Ladies, we’ve all been there.  You’re in the changing room or by yourself in your bedroom and you’re struggling to get that back zipper done all the way up.  For the most part, I can wiggle and adjust just so to get it most of the way up (due to years of self tanning – it ain’t easy getting an even back), but having someone on hand does wonders.

But what if you are alone?

Ms. Dress Up is a company founded on the mission of “Making feeling beautiful easy”.  The leading product is Ms. Dress Up’s patent-pending Zipper Pull and helps solve one of women’s greatest struggles, getting dressed.

Before putting on your dress, simply hook the zipper-pull extension into the zipper, step into your dress and pull it up with ease.  Perfect for all high-back dresses with hard-to-reach zippers.  Best of all, afterward, remove and wear as a necklace or bracelet, which makes travelling with it so easy.


Take it with you traveling, or out shopping, making trying on dresses easy, without the help of a sales associate, or an impatient husband or boyfriend!  Then keep it in your closet for everyday use!

Totally a “duh!” idea, but I love the concept behind this product, which is $19 on Kickstarter.

After watching a show about divers and their ease in doing up their own wetsuits, founder Natalie Catania had an epiphany and used the same long zipper extension as the foundation for designing Ms. Dress Up’s Zipper Pull.  Catania then spent two years prototyping the Zipper Pull and the Ms. Dress Up team has put their combined 15 years of experience in fashion, accessories and product design to create the prefect solution to a very common problem. They are working with a world-class manufacturer with years of experience creating premium jewellery for well-known luxury brands.

The Zipper Pull is nickel allergy free and best of all, it’s so beautiful that it doubles as jewelry, total score!

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