Lashing out: Yves Rocher Volume Elixir mascara

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Yves Rocher’s mascaras.  Mascara is definitely one of those hit or miss beauty products.  I’ve tried great ones, and ones that I wouldn’t even give the time of day to again.  Also, price doesn’t always justify a great product.  I know tons of drugstore mascaras that are way better than their prestige counterparts.

One of my favourite mascaras is Yves Rocher’s Volume Vertige mascara, which gives you true false-like lashes.  Their products are relatively cheap if you order them online, which in Canada is the best place to get them.  I’ve been to actual stores in Europe, but they only have physical retailers in Ontario and Quebec in Canada. As a result, it can be quite difficult to know if what you are ordering will be good.  Well, I’ve tried many products from the line and haven’t used anything I haven’t liked.  Their new mascara being one of them.

The Volume Elixir mascara combines volumizing texture with Hisbiscus peptides, which are known for their filmogen and nourishing properties.  These peptides also protect and reinforce the keratinous lash fiber.

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The conical brush with double fibers allows for a thorough application of the product, leaving you with long, voluminous lashes.  If there is one thing that the brand knows how to do well, it’s definitely mascara.  Compared to its predecessor Volume Vertige, I do like that one better, but with that being said, Volume Elixir is amazing as well.  For sure one of the best mascaras I have tried.  The best part?  It’s currently 41 per cent off at Yves Rocher online, so instead of C$22, you can buy it for C$13. Grab two because you’ll be using so much of this stuff, you’ll blink and you’ll be done!

Have you tried Yves Rocher’s mascaras?

Note, this post contains products sent by PR. As always, all opinions are my own.

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