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If there is one feature I love the most about myself, it’s my eyes.  My eyes are a turquoise/blue shade that I get a ton of compliments on. I can’t even tell you how often I get “you have beautiful eyes” and my usual response varies from “thank you” to “I know”, depending on the person of course ;).

I was contacting by the people over at Angel Contacts, a Canadian company that specializes in circle lenses (cosmetic lenses that make the irises in your eyes appear larger), a few weeks back to review a couple pairs of their lenses.  I was a bit skeptical at first, because when I think of coloured contact lenses I think of too bright blue lenses that don’t look real.  Plus, I already love the colour of my eyes. After some thought, I decided to take them up on their offer because I thought it would be cool to see what I would look like with different coloured, larger-looking eyes.

Now Angel Contacts aren’t just coloured contact lenses.  They offer them in prescription and non-prescription (up to -7.00) grade, but they aren’t for functionality, they are more for cosmetic purposes.  I do wear contact lenses on daily basis (clear ones) as without them my eyesight is very poor (when I popped these in I have to wear them with my glasses because otherwise I would be blind).  Now the big thing about this product is the fact that they are branded as circle lenses, not coloured contacts.


Our GEO circle lenses are cosmetic contacts, which come in a variety of styles and colors. All of our lenses are 14mm in diameter, which means they give you a natural and noticeable enlargement to your iris. From the most subtle Nudy series, to the boldest Angel series, you can customize and redefine your eyes anyway you want! Best of all, they come in prescription!

Circle lenses originated from South Korea and have been very popular in Asian countries.  The main difference between your typical contact lens and a circle lens is that the circle ones are tinted not only in areas that cover the iris of the eye, but also prominently in the extra-wide outer rim of the lens.  As a result, you get the appearance of a bigger, wider iris and it creates the illusion of a larger eye.

Whenever I think of circle lenses I think of Michelle Phan’s tutorial on Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance look (fast forward to the 6:08 mark).

Anyways, although they are a cosmetic product, Angel Contacts are Health Canada certified and US FDA 510(k) approved (for more info click here), so it definitely made me feel better putting these in my eyes.

I chose to go with the Geo Fresh Brown and the Geo Nudy Violet because I wanted a different look than what I’m used to but nothing too extravagant.  Both lenses retail for $25 each and come with a free lens case.

Geo Fresh Brown

Geo Nudy Violet

The Nudy series is their most natural-looking lens.  I chose these because I didn’t want to look like I was wearing coloured contacts; I just wanted my eyes to be enhanced.  The Geo Fresh series are also natural looking so it was exactly what I wanted.  They do offer more bold choices but I didn’t want anything too crazy (considering that I would have to wear these with glasses anyways, so I just felt like it would be too much attention on my eyes).

Here are my natural eyes, I’m not wearing any contacts in the above photo.

Here are my eyes with the Geo Fresh Brown.  You can still see a hint of my blue eyes around the iris area, but I did notice as soon as I put them in my eyes did look bigger.  They weren’t as brown as I thought they would be once they are in but I think that perhaps you are supposed to match the lenses to the colours of your eyes.  For example, these would be great for someone who has brown eyes, then you can get the real effect of the lens.  I still really liked them but I would recommend these lenses to someone who already has brown eyes to begin with.

Here are the Geo Nudy Violet lenses which actually show up more violet in photos than in real life in my opinion.  I found these were more subtle in person, they enhanced the natural colour of my eyes more than anything.

I really liked both lenses but I found that I would wear them for different purposes.  If I wanted my natural colour enhanced, I would reach for the violet ones.  If I wanted that true circle look, I would grab the brown ones.  I did noticed instantly that with the Geo Fresh Brown lenses my eyes did look larger.

If you want to try out circle lenses I would definitely recommend Angel Contacts because not only are they easy to deal with and dependable (fast shipping, tracking number, Health Canada approved, and a Canadian company), but they really do offer natural-looking products, which when it comes to lenses (whether you are buying them to change the natural colour of your eyes, or for the circle aspect), I think this should be the biggest factor.  Although circle lenses aren’t necessarily an everyday kind of product, these are fun to pop in once in a while, plus Halloween is coming up and I would love to go as Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance video…

Before I go, Chase also wanted to show you his eyes.  He has large irises, lucky him he doesn’t need any enhancements…

For more information on circle lenses and to try Angel Contacts, visit them online at

Do you like the circle lenses look?  Leave me a comment below!

**Please note, I was sent these products for review purposes.  All opinions are my honest own.

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